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Active Server Pages 3.0 From Scratch (Jesse Liberty's from Scratch Programming Series)

EBook NameActive Server Pages 3.0 From Scratch (Jesse Liberty's from Scratch Programming Series)
Total No. Of Visits Visits: 47937
Rating Rating: (4.0)
Rated By Rated By: 681 Users
Ebook Added On Added On: 30-Jun-2006
Download Free EBook Download Active Server Pages 3.0 From Scratch (Jesse Liberty's from Scratch Programming Series)
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EBook Category Category: ASP .Net

EBook Description: Book Description In Active Server Pages 3.0 From Scratch, Nicholas Chase takes novice Web programmers through the process of planning, designing, and building a Web site using Active Server Pages. You will create an online magazine that has news, interviews, and archives, a small memorabilia store, person-to-person auctions, and personalized start pages. Topics include planning and designing a Web site, VBScript, connecting to databases, HTML forms, personalizing the user experience using cookies, building an auction system, and building an electronic storefront.

Reviews for Active Server Pages 3.0 From Scratch (Jesse Liberty's from Scratch Programming Series)

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Beginning ASP 3.0

Whether you're completely new to programming, or you have some experience with other languages and you’re looking to pick up ASP for the first time, Beginning ASP 3.0 will give you a good introduction to the essentials. With a friendly and supportive tone, the introductory chapters of the book walk you through the basics of the VBScript language, which is most often used to write ASP scripts. Unfortunately, while these were some of the most approachable chapters in the book, I found that, in places, they were also the weakest, technically speaking. Certain sections are unnecessarily confusing (notably the early section on variants, for which I had to seek a more cogent description in the online documentation); meanwhile, others contained some fairly basic inaccuracies (e.g. the list of arithmetic operators on p.140 incorrectly identifies the integer division operator (\) as an alternate form of the modulus operator (MOD)).

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have to admit that the unhelpful reference materials that made up the last quarter of Beginning ASP 3.0 left me with the distinct impression that the best place to go for a good ASP reference was the online documentation that accompanies ASP itself. Professional ASP 3.0 did little to change that opinion, as its reference section was all but nonexistent. As soon as I looked at WROX's ASP 3.0 Programmer's Reference, the reason for this apparent omission became clear.

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Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0

Filling an important spot in the Wrox Programmer to Programmer series, Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0 is an introduction to the new version of ASP released for the Windows 2000 platform. This guide expects no previous ASP knowledge or even previous Web development experience.

Active Server Pages 3.0 From Scratch (Jesse Liberty's from Scratch Programming Series) - Free eBook Active Server Pages 3.0 From Scratch (Jesse Liberty's from Scratch Programming Series) - Download ebook Active Server Pages 3.0 From Scratch (Jesse Liberty's from Scratch Programming Series) free

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