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Below we have listed all the Free Marketing Ebooks EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Marketing Ebooks EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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10 Steps To Making A Living Online: The information contained within this eBook is designed not only to put you in the right mindset but also to give you the blueprint to succeed more.

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Advertising for Results: This free eBook is your 164-page, step-by-step guide for building an effective advertising campaign. Learn the importance and art of gathering materials, creating ideas, writing effective headlines, and more. If you want fast, high sales-yielding results, download now! more

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14 Various Free Ebooks: has a list of 14 free ebooks from various categories which you may find useful. Among some of the titles are :-

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Getfreeebooks Online Book Shop: We have recently launched an online book store, in association with Amazon. So if you’re in the shopping mood or just simply in the mood of getting some reading materials for your love ones, or simply just for your own, hop on to our online book shop by clicking here. Amazon will be handling all online transactions and shipping, so you can be assured that what you spend is what you get. Happy New Year!

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4 Internet Marketing Free Ebooks: A book on the latest tips on Internet Marketing updated 2008 with emphasis on important effective techniques for new internet entrepreneurs.

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Free Ebooks / Audio Books Resources: has a great collection of websites which provide free downloadable free ebooks or / and audio books. Among the 62 links listed down in the side, you’ll be amazed with the amount of other resources which you may find in the site, mostly educational and informationed based, ranging from Science to Mathematics, up to Poetry / Quotes.

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3,700 Free ebooks: Bang me on the head for missing this, but The National Academies Press has a site which hosts 3,700 ebooks that can be read free online. First impression indicates that this is probably another online ebook store judging by the “Items in Cart” text at the top right. However, the books listed within the site are in fact free to be read online. Viewers are given the option to purchase the print / paperback version for a reasonable price.

This site requires that you “register” in order to access the goodies, including the summary PDF’s, related podcasts for the title, and many more. Register in this context points to filling up a simple form asking for your email, country and other items which can be done in a heartbeat. Once that’s done, a cookie will be placed in your computer, telling the site that you can now from now onwards download the free ebooks. So don’t worry if you’re under the impression that you have to fill up a page long form just to gain access to the downloadable PDFs.

The ebooks within this site are mostly educational, touching from science, engineering, evolution, biology, computers and many many more. Jump over to this site and check it out.

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The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing: Controversial new ebook reveals exactly why no one seems to care about your business opportunity, why “word of mouth” advertising is a myth, and why no matter how hard you push yourself or how “motivated” you become, you still find yourself no further than you were one year ago.

Date Added: 10/11/2010 5:58:18 AM | Visits: 29457!download|459|153890022|Flash-JohnMcFetridge.pdf|520: Publishing Tips: Weekly Strategies for the Independent Writer (also available in paperback) specifies the finer points of publishing as they relate to writing, editing, publishing, having a website and marketing. Clear, concise and helpful, Publishing Tips mirrors the dilettante role of every independent writer, that CEO of one who dreams, creates, and releases his or her work into the

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Secret Twitter Manifesto!:

Free Industry Resources
Electronic Design Europe:
The authority on emerging technologies for Design Solutions brings latest advances, products, & application information for...
Security Director News:
Is the business news source for security practitioners....

Free Industry Resources

Modern Plastics Worldwide: Is the only plastics publication dedicated to covering...

Electronic Design Europe: The authority on emerging technologies for Design Solutions...

by Peter Wrenshall

In his gripping new Young Adult novel, Hack, Peter Wrenshall gets at the heart and soul of the teenage computer criminal. Karl Ripley is lonely and isolated. His mother works the late shift at the local casino, and to while away the time, he begins to hack into other people’s computers. At first it’s fun and exciting, and by the time he’s sixteen, he breaks into the Pentagon computers, an act that the FBI calls the biggest military hack ever. But then Karl’s friend turns him in, an act of betrayal that has Karl obsessed with revenge.

Two days before his release from prison, Karl is offered a job by the FBI. They want him to be bait for a terrorist who is recruiting young hackers to steal important state secrets. Karl begins to juggle his FBI undercover work, and his plot to get even with his friend, and all seems to be working until he meets and falls for a young woman. But is she what she seems to be? As Karl wrestles with his old life of crime and his desire for happiness with this woman, he discovers that his life is in danger.

Click on the link below to download this free ebook:-
Hack (PDF)

March 12th, 2009 | Comments (7)
eNGy Business Cartoons Vol 4

eNGy Business Cartoons Vol 4
Computers lie and Cheat, and That’s Why They Are Indispensable to Business
by Wilson Ng

Engy is a new comic strip that businessman, Wilson Ng, after over 25 years of exposure to the entrepreneur world has created. It is a new avenue of expression in his coming continuing study of management and technology. The strip revolves on business and office politics, and the hilarious world of a group of people working on a technology company as they try to elbow each other to win and survive in the rat race. It is meant as an entertainment medium, and as with most comics, relies on exaggeration to create reaction. This strip is not meant to educate people on how to manage a business, nor does it bear any resemblance to the management or personalities in the actual world.

Click on the link below to download this free comic:-
eNGy Business Cartoons Vol 4 (PDF) or click here for the rest of the earlier volumes if you’ve missed them.

March 12th, 2009 | Comments (0)
Dropping the Kids Off at the Pool : A Bathroom Book

Dropping the Kids Off at the Pool : A Bathroom Book
by Bradley Meehan

Taking the Browns to the Super Bowl. Floating one for the Gipper. Dropping the kids off at the pool. No matter what euphemistic phrase you’ve given it, there’s no better time to pick up a book than when you’re sitting on the toilet. In an age of e-books, text paging, and email, the bathroom has become the last haven for reading a real book; it is the library of the house.

This book contains a collection of tried and true jokes, advice, and observations from my stand-up comedy performances and daily journal. Each twisted passage has been performed on stage in front of some spectacular audiences. Are you sitting down for this?


“Read it and pee”
Wendy Liebman, Comedian

“The finest bathroom book ever! Meehan is one funny mother flusher…”
DC Benny, Comedian

“You’re not right”
Sabrina Matthews, Comedian

“Brad has created a book that cures drug addiction and/or severe alcoholism. Brad should be knighted by the queen and handed every literary honor known to mankind for his achievement…I have personally ordered 27 copies for delivery to every drunk and junkie I know…”
Emery Emery, The Aristocrats

Click on the link below to download this free ebook:-
Dropping the Kids Off at the Pool : A Bathroom Book (PDF) or (PRC), or read this ebook online by clicking on the link below.


March 12th, 2009 | Comments (1)
Microsoft Access for Beginners

Microsoft Access for Beginners
by Paul Barnett

How to get started using Microsoft Access even if you’ve never used it before. This guide will get you up and running FAST. Learn the basics of tables, forms, sub forms and queries. Whether you want to learn for business or as a home user you will find something of interest here.

Click on the link below to download this free ebook:-
Microsoft Access for Beginners (PDF) or (PRC), or click on the link below to read this ebook directly on this site:-


March 11th, 2009 | Comments (6)
Free Ebooks from F+W

The guys at F+W couldn’t have said it better themselves, so I’ll let them explain what they’re trying to do and their objectives in their own words …

In an effort to further build its online communities, F+W Media announced today it will offer free book downloads to new e-newsletter subscribers. The content will be from leading F+W communities, including Writing, Genealogy, and Woodworking.

According to Tim Langlitz, Director of Online Marketing, “Enthusiasts look to F+W Media brands for inspiration and guidance. Unfortunately, many consumers have to choose between their hobbies and paying the bills. By offering free book downloads to anyone who joins our email newsletter lists, we wish to help new consumers find the joy and peace of spending time on the things they enjoy. In addition to the free book, newsletter readers receive regular free tips, guidance and inspiration to help them enjoy the simple pleasures of their hobby. Our goal is to offer hope and inspiration to our readers, regardless of their bank balance.”

Get your free ebooks from F+W now, by clicking on the link below:-
Free Ebooks from F+W (PDF)

March 7th, 2009 | Comments (0)
Secret Twitter Manifesto! recently published an ebook on how you can utilize Twitter at the best possible way. Twitter is a fast and rapidly growing Web 2.0 site which provides a great communication tool for everybody regardless whether you’re using it for personal use or for your business. Everybody these days are using it, including CEOs from the top companies in the world.

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