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Free Society & Technology EBooks for Download

Below we have listed all the Free Society & Technology EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Society & Technology EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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The Pursuit of Power Technology, Armed Force and Society Since A. D. 1000 by William H. McNeill Book: The Pursuit of Power does not solve the problems of the present, but its discoveries, hypotheses, and sheer breadth of learning do offer a perspective on our current fears and, as McNeill hopes, "a ground for wiser action."

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Miniemulsion Polymerization Technology Book: Miniemulsion Polymerization Technology comprises 10 papers by many of the world's experts on the subject. It summarizes the recent advances in miniemulsion polymerization technology including the advances on the selection of surfactants and co-surfactants, the expansion of miniemulsion technology in various polymers and co-polymer systems, and the use of miniemulsion polymerization for the synthesis of advanced polymer particle morphologies

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Innovative Assessment for the 21st Century: Supporting Educational Needs Book: In today’s rapidly changing and information-rich world, students are not acquiring adequate knowledge and skills to prepare them for careers in mathematics, science, and technology with the traditional approach to assessment and instruction. New competencies (e.g., information communication and technology skills) are needed to deal successfully with the deluge of data. In order to accomplish this, new "educationally valuable" skills must be acknowledged and assessed. Toward this end, the skills we value and support for a society producing knowledge workers, not simply service workers, must be identified, together with methods for their measurement.

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Research and Technology Buildings: A Design Manual (repost) Book: A handbook on planning and designing architecture for research and technology.
The significance of research and technology in today's economies is undisputed and continues to grow. Designing buildings to accommodate a range of functions, from laboratory experiments through prototype development to presentation and marketing is an architectural field of great potential. Commissioned by universities, public institutes and private companies, the challenge is to reconcile security and accessibility, laboratories equipped with sensitive, state-ofthe-art instruments and facilities for theoretical research.

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Discovering Islam: Making Sense of Muslim History and Society Book: Now reissued with a new introduction, Discovering Islam is a classic account of how the history of Islam and its relations with the west have shaped Islamic society today. Islam is often caricatured as aggressive and fanatic. Written in the tradition of Ibn Khaldun, this readable and wide ranging book balances that image, uncovers the roots of Islamic discontent and celebrates the sources of its strength. From the four "ideal Caliphs" who succeeded the Prophet to the refugee camps of Peshawar, an objective picture emerges of the main features of Muslim history and the compulsions of Muslim society.

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The Rise of the Market Critical Essays on the Political Economy of Neo-Liberalism Book: We now have some important ingredients necessary to understand why an expansion of the market will be about more than simply the efficient satisfaction of preferences. Any society will consist of a mixture of allocative regimes with different norms attached to them. Changing the balance in any society, say by increasing the weight of the market with respect to state/communal allocation, will therefore also change the norms that dominate that society. As Anderson (1993, p. 145) herself argues: ‘Every extension of the market thus represents an extension of the domain of egoism, where each party defines and satisfies her interests independent of the others’. The same, of course, could be argued for the other market norms delineated by Anderson. This will, in turn, influence how people see themselves, how they relate to others and indeed their preferences broadly defined to include values, commitments and, more generally, how they construe any situation

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World at Their Fingertips: Story of Amateur Radio in the United Kingdom and a History of the Radio Society of Great Britain Book: The story of amateur radio in the United Kingdom and a history of the Radio Society of Great Britain. Its pages and many illustrations give a unique account of the development of a scientific hobby that has provided technical knowledge and service to the community since the beginning of the century.

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Media,Technology and Society: A History: From the Telegraph to the Internet Book: How are media born? How do they change? And how do they change us?
Media Technology and Society offers a comprehensive account of the history of communications technologies, from the printing press to the internet. Brian Winston argues that the development of new media, from the telegraph and the telephone to computers, satellite and virtual reality, is the product of a constant play-off between social necessity and suppression: the unwritten law by which new technologies are introduced into society only insofar as their disruptive potential is limited. Winston's fascinating account examines the role played by individuals such as Alexander Graham Bell, Gugliemo Marconi, John Logie Baird, Boris Rozing and Charles Babbage, and challenges the popular myth of the present-day "information revolution."

Date Added: 10/30/2010 2:43:27 AM | Visits: 32174

Open Networked i-Learning: Models and Cases of Next-Gen Learning Book: Open Source Applications Springer Book Series Editor: Ernesto Damiani, University of Milan, Italy
A new overall interdisciplinary framework called “i learning” integrates managerial organization and technology aspects also known as “technology enhanced learning”. Open Networked i Learning: Models and Cases of “Next-Gen” Learning begins its investigation with the important changes that have recently occurred within the management, technology and society fields. Social and cultural aspects of society that influence the “dynamics” and the “styles” of the learning processes are presented as well. The last section of this edited volume focuses on possible future scenarios of the learning processes by describing the main models, processes, tools, technologies, and involved organizations.

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Securing the Information Infrastructure (Repost) Book: As computer networks spread throughout the globe and as technology advances, we are increasingly dependent upon these networks to initiate and complete our daily tasks. However, in this steadily evolving environment, the privacy, security, reliability, and integrity of online content is tested continuously.

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