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Below we have listed all the Free Culture EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Culture EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Children, Consumerism, and the Common Good Book: The children are full, interdependent members of the communities of which they are a part; they have a claim on our resources and our solidarity, as well as a right to participate in social life. Their participation easily becomes exploitation in the context of consumer culture. The tradition of the common good within Christianity moves communities toward practices of resistance and transformation to this culture in a spirit of solidarity with children.

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Digital Visual Culture: Theory and Practice Book: Digital Visual Culture presents the latest research into the relationship between theory and practice across digital media and technology in the visual arts and investigates the challenges of contemporary research and art curation, particularly in regard to new media artworks. The contributors to this volume discuss the impact of technological advances on visual art and the new art practices that are developing as a result. Many aspects of new interdisciplinary and collaborative practices are considered, such as net art and global locative environments, , and installations that are themselves performance, or games that often take place simultaneously online and in reality. Digital Visual Culture is an important addition to the ongoing discussion surrounding postmodern art practice in art and digital media.

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Between Religion and Rationality: Essays in Russian Literature and Culture Book: In this book, acclaimed Dostoevsky biographer Joseph Frank explores some of the most important aspects of nineteenth and twentieth century Russian culture, literature, and history. Delving into the distinctions of the Russian novel as well as the conflicts between the religious peasant world and the educated Russian elite, Between Religion and Rationality displays the cogent reflections of one of the most distinguished and versatile critics in the field.

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Barron's AP Chinese Language and Culture Book:

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Sports Culture: An A-Z Guide (Routledge World Reference) Book: We live in a culture in which sports play an important role. The growth in broadcasting, merchandising, iconography and the commercialization of sports has led to an increasing interest in the emerging field of sports culture. This book examines individual issues, people, artefacts, events and organizations in their historical, social and cultural contexts. Coverage is wide-ranging with more than 170 entries; including, Aggression; Corruption; Drugs; Field of Dreams; Michael Jordan; and Racism. The book also includes suggestions for further reading and a comprehensive index.

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Culture of Human Stem Cells PDF Book: This book collects the most effective and most modern methods and protocols for deriving and culturing human embryonic and adult stem cells in one handy resource. This groundbreaking book follows the tradition of the earlier books in the series of specialized cells culture methods and protocols, each chapter is just starting as the other, illustrated with step-wise protocols prior specific requirements for the protocol, and a brief discussion of methods data. The editors describe a limited number of representative techniques for a wide variety of stem cells from embryos, newborn and adult tissue, producing an all-encompassing and versatile leader in the field of stem cell biology and culture.

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Speak the Culture: Britain: Be Fluent in British Life and Culture Book: Britain is culturally blessed. Few nations rival the rich history, artistic achievement or contemporary verve of this, the original island nation. Even the food is good these days, its variety indicative of an eclectic, multicultural society. Speak the Culture: Britain peels back the layers of this rich heritage, exploring the factors that make Britain tick.
British culture is strewn with names that touch a chord the world over: William Shakespeare, Robert Burns, Charles Dickens, Conan Doyle, Vivienne Westward, Lennon and McCartney to name a very few. They rank high among the icons of Western civilization. What were their main achievements? How did they shape and reflect British culture? Speak the Culture:

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Symbols that Stand for Themselves Book: This important new work by Roy Wagner is about the autonomy of symbols and their role in creating culture. Its argument, anticipated in the author's previous book, The Invention of Culture, is at once symbolic, philosophical, and evolutionary: meaning is a form of perception to which human beings are physically and mentally adapted. Using examples from his many years of research among the Daribi people of New Guinea as well as from Western culture, Wagner approaches the question of the creation of meaning by examining the nonreferential qualities of symbols—such as their aesthetic and formal properties—that enable symbols to stand for themselves.

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American Indians of the Southeast Men-at-Arms Book: The southeastern people were the descendants of ancient prehistoric Indian cultures, and were probably on the decline when first known to Europeans. Despite being poorly reported in popular histories, they have been well described by several early European traders and by a number of well-known American ethnologists who collected details of surviving native culture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The white man's expanding plantation society and the tragic removal of the Indian population to Indian Territory saw the end of this farming, hunting and trading culture. This title examines the absorbing history and culture of the native peoples of the southeastern United States. torrent.

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Leading Culture Change: What Every CEO Needs to Know Book: Leading Culture Change: What Every CEO Needs To Know is a practical guide for top leaders who are faced with the challenge of shaping their culture to create long term, sustainable value. Culture is changeable—but only with CEO sponsorship and a methodical, best practices approach.

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