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Below we have listed all the Free Sociology EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Sociology EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Mental Health, Social Mirror (Repost) Book: While mental health figured prominently in the writings of classical sociologists, contemporary sociologists often view research on mental health as peripheral to the "real work" of the discipline. The essays in this volume reassert the centrality of research in mental health to sociology. First, they articulate the contributions that mental health research has made and can make to resolving key theoretical and empirical debates in important areas of sociological study. Second, they draw from mainstream theories and concepts to reconsider the potential of sociology to provide answers to critical questions regarding the social origins of and social responses to mental illness. As reflected in the title, the sociological study of mental health provides a reflection of the central processes that characterize our society.

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Die Moderne und ihre Vornamen: Eine Einladung in die Kultursoziologie Book: Original Introduction to KultursoziologieDas "Culture" has experienced since the so-called "cultural turn" in the humanities and social sciences an enormous economy. The related thesis of a paradigm change and the sociology is unconvincing. The example of the developmentof name over 100 years is shown that one can work very well with the classical tools of sociology and its epistemological justification to produce evidence on the cultural development of society. The example of the first names can be cultural modernization processes describe empirically, and structurally explained: The traditional ligatures family, religion and commitment to lose to the nation over time in the structuring of the first names of important processes of individualization and globalization, however, its relevance .

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Mappers of Society: The Lives, Times, and Legacies of Great Sociologists Book: Fernandez examines the lives and ideas of sociologists who shaped the main contours of the discipline. Weber, Marx, Durkheim, and Simmel fashioned the early ideas and approaches of sociology, and their ideas are still central to the discipline. Veblen, Mead, Goffman, and Berger added crucial conceptual approaches; they also serve to underscore the length and breadth of Sociology as a science.

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Politics, Sociology, and Social Theory: Encounters with Classical and Contemporary Social Thought Book: Politics, Sociology, And Social Theory: Encounters With Classical And Contemporary Social Theory consists of a series of critical engagements with major figures in classical and present-day social and political thought. It offers not only a challenging critique of major traditions of social and political analysis but also unique insights into the ideas that Anthony Giddens has developed over the past twenty years. Giddens has attempted to strike a balance between classical and contemporary theorists including politics and sociology in the thought of Max Weber, analysis of Emile Durkheim's political sociology, Comte and the origins of positivism, and essays on Parsons (the concept of "power"), Marcuse (One-Dimensional Man), Garfinkel (ethnomethodology and hermeneutics), Habermas (labor and interaction), and Foucault (the new French conservatism), and a backward glance at Fredrick Nietzsche and Karl Marx. Politics, Sociology And Social Theory serves as a comprehensive introduction to some of the main debates in the social and political sciences today.

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The New Companion to the Sociology of Religion: Reflecting the very latest developments in the field, the New Companion pres a comprehensive introduction to the sociology of religion with a clear emphasis on comparative and historical approaches.

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The Sociology of Art: A Reader Book: This unique anthology provides readers with a fascinating and complete introduction to the fundamental theories and debates in the sociology of art, using extracts from the core foundational and most influential contemporary writers in the field.

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Handbook of Public Sociology Book: The Handbook of Public Sociology presents a comprehensive look at every facet of public sociology in theory and practice. It pays particular attention to how public sociology can complement more traditional types of sociological practice to advance both the analytical power of the discipline and its ability to benefit society. The volume features contributions from a stellar list of authors, including several past presidents of the American Sociological Association such as Michael Burawoy, a leading proponent of public sociology.

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n Introduction to Feng Shui Book: Feng Shui has been known in the West for the last 150 years but has mostly been regarded as a primitive superstition. During the modern period successive regimes in China have suppressed its practice. However, in the last few decades Feng Shui has become a global spiritual movement with professional associations, thousands of titles published on the subject, countless websites devoted to it and millions of users. In this book Ole Bruun explains Feng Shui's Chinese origins and meanings as well as its more recent Western interpretations and global appeal.

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