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Free Humanities EBooks for Download

Below we have listed all the Free Humanities EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Humanities EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Edgar Allan Poe (Bloom's Modern Critical Views) Book: Edgar Allan Poe is unique for being at once so firmly entrenched within the American literary tradition and yet so questionable in the eyes of the very critics whose attentions strengthened his position. Harold Bloom wonders if Poe's longevity suggests that literary merit and canonical status aren't inseparable.

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Climate Change, Ethics and Human Security Book: Presenting human security perspectives on climate change, this volume raises issues of equity, ethics and environmental justice, as well as our capacity to respond to what is increasingly considered to be the greatest societal challenge for humankind. Written by international experts, it argues that climate change must be viewed as an issue of human security, and not an environmental problem that can be managed in isolation from larger questions concerning development trajectories, and ethical obligations towards the poor and to future generations. The concept of human security offers a new approach to the challenges of climate change, and the responses that could lead to a more equitable and sustainable future. Climate Change, Ethics and Human Security will be of interest to researchers, policy makers, and practitioners concerned with the human dimensions of climate change, as well as to upper-level students in the social sciences and humanities interested in climate change.

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The Closing of the American Mind Book: In this acclaimed number one national best-seller, one of our country's most distinguished political philosophers argues that the social/political crisis of 20th-century America is really an intellectual crisis. Allan Bloom's sweeping analysis is essential to understanding America today. It has fired the imagination of a public ripe for change.
From Publishers Weekly

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The Harlem Renaissance (Bloom's Period Studies) Book: Harlem in the 1920s and 1930s was the epicenter of a rebirth in African-American literature with the poetry and prose of writers such as Langston Huges and Gwendolyn Brooks. This title, The Harlem Renaissance, part of Chelsea House Publishers' Bloom's Period Studies series, features a selection of critical essays analyzing the writers and works that defined the Harlem Renaissance. In addition to a chronology of the important cultural, literary, and politcal events that shaped this period, this text includes an introduction and editor's note written by Harold Bloom, Sterling Professor of the Humanities, Yale University.

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Literary Theory: An Introduction Second Edition Book: This classic work, whose first edition sold more than 120,000 copies, is designed to cover all of the major movements in literary studies in this century. The second edition contains a major new survey chapter that addresses developments since the book's original publication in 1983, including feminist theory, postmodernism, poststructuralism-what is broadly referred to as cultural theory. Noted for its clear, engaging style and unpretentious treatment, Literary Theory has become the introduction of choice for anyone interested in learning about the world of contemporary literary thought. Unique in its range and accessibility, it provides an iconoclastic and entertaining guide to current debates in the humanities.

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Elizabethan Drama (Bloom's Period Studies) Book: Critical essays discuss te works of major dramatists of the Elizabethan age in this comprehensive volume. This title, Elizabethan Drama, part of Chelsea House Publishers' Period Studies series, features a selection of critical essays analyzing the writers and works that defined the Elizabethan era. In addition to a chronology of the important cultural, literary, and politcal events that shaped this period, this text includes an introduction and editor's note written by Harold Bloom, Sterling Professor of the Humanities, Yale University.

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Counterfeit Amateurs Book: Allen Sack's book, Counterfeit Amateurs, is an insightful, first-hand account of the problems in intercollegiate sport. Sack masterfully intertwines his experiences as an athlete at Notre Dame with the problems facing collegiate sport today. He is able to go from the past to the present seemlessly and presents evidence that the the world of intercollegiate sport has become big business with a focus on commercialization and making money and away from the athletes who are producing the revenue. Thus, Sack makes a critical argument for athlete's rights.

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Exploring Digital Design: Multi-Disciplinary Design Practices Book: Exploring Digital Design takes a multi-disciplinary look at digital design research where digital design is embedded in a larger socio-cultural context. Working from socio-technical research areas such as Participatory Design (PD), Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), the book explores how humanities offer new insights into digital design, and discusses a variety of digital design research practices, methods, and theoretical approaches spanning established disciplinary borders.

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Illness in Context Book: This book is a contribution to humanistic studies of illness. Medical humanities are by nature cross-disciplinary, and in recent years studies in this field have been recognized as a platform for dialogue between the "two cultures" of the natural sciences and the humanities. Illness in Context is a result of an encounter of several disciplines, including medicine, history and literature. The main stress is on the literary perspectives of the interdisciplinary collaboration. The reading practices highlighting the clinical, phenomenological and archeological approaches to illness take as their point of departure the living text, that is, the literary experience mediated and created by the text. Literature is seen not solely as a medium for the representation of experiences of illness, but also as a historical praxis involved in the forging of our common understanding of illness. In contrast to traditional literary analysis - primarily oriented toward the interpretation of the literary work's meaning - the project will emphasize description and understanding of how literature itself performs as a means of interpretation of reality. The target group for this book comprises professionals in the various disciplines, and students of health and culture. The ambition is to contribute to teaching in humanistic illness research, and function as a topical resource book that formulates controversial problems in the crucial meeting of medicine and the humanities.

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SNOBOL Programming for the Humanities Book: This book is an introduction to computer programming for non-scientific applications using SNOBOL, a computer language that runs on both mainframe and microcomputers and is particularly suitable for use in the humanities. Eight chapters cover all relevant aspects of SNOBOL and each contains example programs and a set of exercises. Chapter 9 introduces SPITBOL, a commonly-used superset of SNOBOL. The book ends with some hints on how to detect errors in the language and some suggested applications for SNOBOL on microcomputers as well as mainframes. Developed from a programming course given by the author at Oxford, this book should appeal to researchers in the humanities as well as to students.
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