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Below we have listed all the Free Body EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Body EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Hard Body Yoga: Create a long, lean, strong, flexible body with this original & innovative workout from yoga and fitness expert Tari Rose. Hard Body Yoga is where yoga meets strength-training! Great for time-crunched individuals who want all the benefits of yoga - stretching, flexibility, muscle tone, and relaxation - but also want the muscle tone and definition achieved through traditional strength training. No matter what your fitness level, you can have it all in half the time. Tari rose has taken traditional yoga moves and added a strength-training dimension to create this ideal, full-body, one-hour workout. You will feel your body lengthening, strengthening, and toning through each move.

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Body Blast: Supersets and Push Pull: Supersets is a unique 53 minute full body weight training program that incorporates a series of exercises that are grouped by varying body parts and performed in rounds. While this may not be the traditional association that many are used to with supersetting, superset training is also classified as doing two or more exercises at a given time with little or no rest between exercises (or sets).
Many exercises also contain a non-traditional set (ie: up 4 down 4, low ends, lunge forward lunge back then jump for 4 etc.) The music is fun and recognizable. Here is a list of the songs: On and On Somewhere, Somehow I'm Glad Don't you just know Whats Up Golden Eye You are not alone Unbreak My Heart This ain't no love song Eternal Flame
Push Pull is a 45 minute total body workout which features many new and refreshing exercises to keep your muscles stimulated in new ways. The focus of this workout is to promote muscle balance as well as strength and endurance gains through exercise variety and balance challenges. We use the stability ball quite a bit in this workout to create this added balance challenge which in turn promotes even greater muscle recruitment. It's important to point out that when using a stability ball you should use a lighter weight than you typically would for a given exercise since the unstable environment makes the muscles work harder to stabilize. As your body gets acclimated this "wobbly" environment you'll find that you are able to gradually increase your weights again.

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The Bar Method - Accelerated Workout & Change Your Body! Read more: The Bar Method - Accelerated Workout & Change Your Body!
The Bar Method integrates the fat-burning format of interval training, the muscle shaping technique of isometrics, the elongating principles of dance conditioning, and the science of physical therapy to create a revolutionary workout that quickly and safely reshapes your entire body. Its unique non-impact exercises target all major muscle groups and improve posture. The result is a recognizable Bar Method body featuring long, lean thighs, sculpted arms, a lifted seat and flat abs.
The Bar Method - Accelerated Workout - 55:57
This is the "advanced" Bar Method program -- it focuses less on teaching the basic moves and more on movement variety/intensity. The Bar Method intermixes challenging versions of traditional toning moves with unique pulse and isometric exercises. Its a surprisingly tough workout you get elements of ballet, Pilates, Callanetics, stretching and traditional body-sculpting. Most moves isolate a single muscle group, working it in a variety of ways (e.g. a squat done on tip-toes increases intensity, isolates the quadriceps ... and improves balance). Other results-boosting techniques include short pulses, varied-tempo reps and multi-plane exercises. This "advanced" program is harder than "Bar Method Change Your Body" -- it's faster paced, has longer range of motions and lots of subtle level boosters. Burr Leonards cuing is exceptionally clear and detailed (like Pilates, The Bar Method demands discipline, control and precise form). Requires 2 to 4 lb. dumbbells and a ballet barre (or just a sturdy chair). 2008.

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Move Your Body / Summer Rainbows: n Hi-5 SUMMER RAINBOWS the sun is out, the sunscreen is on and everyone has got their favourite cossieso join Hi-5 for the happiest summer adventure ever! Packed with underwater music, dancing sea creatures and all the fun that the deep blue sea can offer! Just remember to bring your hat. Relax under your beach umbrella and imagine youre in sunny Fiji with Kellie and Chats and learn how to say hello! Make a splash with colour as Nathan paints a dazzling picture of the sea using shells, starfish and seaweed. Explore the magic of the sea with Charli as she takes her make-believe submarine deep below the surface where dolphins dance. Jive to the weird and wonderful crab claw dance as Tim uses everyday kitchen utensils to make some bubbly underwater music. Discover what fun you can have with flowers as Kathleen creates a colourful gift for all her Hi-5 friendsuntil Jup Jup causes a little mixed up mischief of his own! Songs on Hi-5 SUMMER RAINBOWS include Living In A Rainbow, Grow and 5 Senses.
Hi-5 MOVE YOUR BODY gets young movers and shakers everywhere dancing to whole new beat and discovering a whole new sensation with Hi-5. Stretch and sing with Charli as she does the funky chicken. Shake and groove with Tim as he tackles his music machine. Clown around with Kellie as she dresses up and plays guessing games. Have some fun with Nathan as he turns himself into a cone-puppet. Watch Kathleen as she tries to measure her height with a little help from Jup Jup! Songs on Hi-5 MOVE YOUR BODY include Move Your Body, Ready Or Not and Love.

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Body Combat 44: BODYCOMBAT is the empowering cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. This fiercely energetic program is inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai. Supported by driving music and powerful role model instructors, you strike, punch, kick and kata your way through calories to superior cardio fitness.

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Body Language Full Course: As with David Deangelo's other Double Your Dating programs, his Body Language DVD series combines a large amount of David’s research along with interviews and presentations by the best players in the pick-up community. During his seminar David took a group of men awkward and uncomfortable in their own skin and gave them a much-needed education in learning how their bodies communicate far more than their words ever will.
In the first disc, David opens the seminar by that all animals have a "mating dance" and that humans are no exception. He then goes on to discuss how body language is a form of communication that conveys things such as value and status (which anyone familiar with the community knows are utterly important things to convey to women). Body language is a more direct communication channel than verbal language and delivers honest signals that cannot be faked. David also covers diverse aspects of understanding body language by discussing what it means to be cool, the "sexual threat" and the Sexually Aggressive Male (SAM), grooming, dressing yourself properly, and even what romance novels can tell us about body language.

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Body Sculpt Big Ball Workout: This state-of-the-art routine is the most effective way to get the results you want fast! With the guidance of Pilates and fitness expert, Liz Gillies, you can sculpt the body of your dreams. Join Liz in this concentrated big ball workout that emphasizes quality movements-not quantity-while focusing on your form and alignment to create long lean muscles, flat abs and a lifted firm butt. By combining the mindful approach of Pilates with the big ball, you maximize your results by targeting core muscle groups. The big ball also provides the resistance you need to get results fast. This motivating fun workout will guide you easily to your fitness goals. The Body Sculpt Big Ball Workout video is great for beginners and shows modifications to intensify the challenge and advance your workout.

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Ministry of Sound: Pump it Up: Ministry of Sound: Pump it Up – Body Burn (Gareth Walker)
Ministry of Sound is back for 2011 with the # 1 multi million selling series Pump It Up. Once again we have compiled the biggest tunes of the year for the ultimate dance workout whilst Gareth Walker returns to put you through your paces in the latest edition ‘Body Burn’. Get an all over body tone up that will help you get fit, lose weight and learn the latest dance moves but most importantly you’ll have fun whilst you’re exercising! With this workout you will definitely feel the burn.
This DVD sees the welcome return of Gareth Walker. It contains two seperate dance sections which follow the format of ‘Dancemix’, and an aerobic section that really does the job. In a market flooded with celebrity Interval Training DVDs (and there’s still no need to go to anyone but Davina for those), the Pump It Up series offers something completely different. Although there are a few tricky moves it’s generally fairly easy to pick up, and provides real fun. Gareth is a great instructor, really funny and a wonderful motivator. A worthy addition to the series.

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Power Yoga for Every Body with Over 20 Workouts for All Levels of Students: Whether youre a beginning, intermediate, or advanced student of yoga, and whether you have 15 minutes or two hours for your yoga practice, youll find a power yoga routine that fits your level and your schedule in Power Yoga for Every Body. Instructor Barbara Benagh instructs by voice over while Jason Gordon demonstrates 24 routines of the Slow Flow method of vinyasa yoga: one pose flowing into the next. Benagh instructs this slow practice with careful attention to the details of breathing, movement, alignment, and transition. Yoga is so much more than a workout it cultivates your mind, it calms your nerves, it develops an internal awareness, says Benagh. To start out, watch the 15 minute interview with Benagh explaining the benefits of yoga, the Slow Flow technique, how to progress, and tips for incorporating yoga into a busy life. Joan Price

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Upper Body & Standing Legs: The real "jewels" are upper body muscles you can see. This routine will give you a chest, back, shoulders and arms that make a dramatic impression in a sleeveless dress or swimsuit. Host Deprise Brescia leads your through giant circuits compiled from the acclaimed FIRM total-body volumes.
The Upper Body workout is a spliced combination of older firm workouts. From the leg warmers, Greek-inspired statues, and hairstyles you will note the age of this workout - the entire look and feel is 80's inspired. The music, as well, includes saxophone and synthezied pieces that are reminiscent of the decade of big hair.
The Upper Body workout itself runs for 35 minutes. There is a total of 11 minutes of warming up and stretching, 21 minutes of upper body weight work, and 3 minutes of stretching to finish. The exercises included are multiple sets of push-ups, pectoral fly, upright rows, and more. You will need dumbbells (3 - 15 pounds) for this workout. There is no ab work included.

Date Added: 9/21/2011 10:47:58 PM | Visits: 28732

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