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3D Max and Graphics EBooks

Free 3D Max and Graphics EBooks for Download

Below we have listed all the Free 3D Max and Graphics EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any 3D Max and Graphics EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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PowerPoint 2007 Graphics and Animation Made Easy: Get beyond the basics with PowerPoint 2007 Take your PowerPoint skills to the next level with help from this highly visual, easy-to-follow guide. PowerPoint 2007 Graphics Animation Made Easy shows you how to enhance your presentations with everything from bullets and tables to dynamic slides that come to life on the screen. You’ll learn to use the latest tools and techniques such as WordArt, SmartArt, charts, audio, and motion graphics.

Discover how easy it is to build professional presentations with rich images, special effects, and high-impact animations that will capture your audience’s attention every time you present. Design unique layouts customized for your needs Create memorable photo albums with captions, textures, and themes Add and manipulate clip art Display data in graphically rich tables and charts Enhance text with fills, outlines, and artistic effects using WordArt Highlight important points, people, and objects with shapes Transform content into dynamic graphics using SmartArt Add punch to your presentations with movies and sound Create custom animations and impressive special effects Import Excel content quickly and easily into PowerPoint slides.

PW: misterdanger

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Mobile 3D Graphics: with OpenGL ES and M3G: Graphics and game developers must learn to program for mobility. This book will teach you how.

"This book - written by some of the key technical experts...provides a comprehensive but practical and easily understood introduction for any software engineer seeking to delight the consumer with rich 3D interactive experiences on their phone. Like the OpenGL ES and M3G standards it covers, this book is destined to become an enduring standard for many years to come."
- Lincoln Wallen, CTO, Electronic Arts, Mobile

This book is an escalator, which takes the field to new levels. This is especially true because the text ensures that the topic is easily accessible to everyone with some background in computer science...The foundations of this book are clear, and the authors are extremely knowledgeable about the subject.
- Tomas Akenine-Möller, bestselling author and Professor of Computer Science at Lund University

"This book is an excellent introduction to M3G. The authors are all experienced M3G users and developers, and they do a great job of conveying that experience, as well as plenty of practical advice that has been proven in the field."
- Sean Ellis, Consultant Graphics Engineer, ARM Ltd

The exploding popularity of mobile computing is undeniable. From cell phones to portable gaming systems, the global demand for multifunctional mobile devices is driving amazing hardware and software developments. 3D graphics are becoming an integral part of these ubiquitous devices, and as a result, Mobile 3D Graphics is arguably the most rapidly advancing area of the computer graphics discipline.

Mobile 3D Graphics is about writing real-time 3D graphics applications for mobile devices. The programming interfaces explained and demonstrated in this must-have reference enable dynamic 3D media on cell phones, GPS systems, portable gaming consoles and media players.

The text begins by providing thorough coverage of background essentials, then presents detailed hands-on examples, including extensive working code in both of the dominant mobile APIs, OpenGL ES and M3G.

C/C++ and Java Developers, graphic artists, students, and enthusiasts would do well to have a programmable mobile phone on hand to try out the techniques described in this book.

The authors, industry experts who helped to develop the OpenGL ES and M3G standards, distill their years of accumulated knowledge within these pages, offering their insights into everything from sound mobile design principles and constraints, to efficient rendering, mixing 2D and 3D, lighting, texture mapping, skinning and morphing.

Along the way, readers will benefit from the hundreds of included tips, tricks and caveats.

*Written by key industry experts who helped develop the standards of the field

*Hands-on code examples are presented throughout the book, and are also offered on the companion website

*Provides examples in the two most popular programing interfaces, OpenGL ES and M3G

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:43:15 PM | Visits: 30507

Computer Graphics World Magazine 2010 Education Speical Issue: CGW explores how leading-edge graphics techniques, including the 3D modeling, animation and visualization are used in such applications as CAD/CAM/CAE, architecture, scientific visualization, special effects, digital video, film, and interactive entertainment.

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:42:22 PM | Visits: 30586

Computer Aided Engineering Graphics: Any Engineer, irrespective of his branch of specialization, has to have certain knowledge in order to design and manufacture any product for usage of society. One of the most important knowledge lies in Engineering Graphics.
Book Overview : Computer Aided Engineering Graphics : (As per the new Syllabus, B. Tech. I year of U.P. Technical University)

Any Engineer, irrespective of his branch of specialization, has to have certain knowledge in order to design and manufacture any product for usage of society. One of the most important knowledge lies in Engineering Graphics. Technological Universities have reckoned the importance of this subject and have made this as an important core subject for those entering into the field of Engineering. Engineers are a special class of professionals who employ the art and science of dreaming image as a means of communication. Hence Engineering Graphic or Drawing is the language of Engineers.

There are many areas where industry is ahead of institutions and also vice versa. Computer Aided Engineering Graphics (CAEG) is one such area where both can move in same pace without any time lag for the modern production system. This book is for I year (I or II semester) B.E. or B. Tech. courses where Engineering Graphics CONCEPT remains same with Computer Aided Engineering Graphics, the only change is tools i.e., instead of drawing instruments here it is used the computer and the CAD Software. Every chapter starts with introduction highlighting the importance of the chapter. It also gives the manual and computer methods to solve the problems step by step with graphical instructions so that the students can easily acquire the knowledge of CAEG, also the list of minimum commands necessary for that particular chapter. Finally, the exercise problems are also given to solve.

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:42:01 PM | Visits: 31402

Graphics Gems V: Graphics Gems V is the newest volume in The Graphics Gems Series. It is intended to provide the graphics community with a set of practical tools for implementing new ideas and techniques, and to offer working solutions to real programming problems. These tools are written by a wide variety of graphics programmers from industry, academia, and research. The books in the series have become essential, time-saving tools for many programmers.

Key Features
* Latest collection of graphics tips in The Graphics Gems Series written by the leading programmers in the field
* Contains over 50 new gems displaying some of the most recent and innovative techniques in graphics programming
* Includes gems covering ellipses, splines, Bezier curves, and ray tracing
* Disk included containing source code from the gems available in both IBM and Macintosh versions

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:41:38 PM | Visits: 31882

Intelligent Computer Graphics 2010: Nowadays, intelligent techniques are more and more used in Computer Graphics in order to optimise the processing time, to find more accurate solutions for a lot of Computer Graphics problems, than with traditional methods, or simply to find solutions in problems where traditional methods fail. The purpose of this volume is to present current work of the Intelligent Computer Graphics community, a community growing up year after year. This volume is a kind of continuation of the previously published Springer volumes ???Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Computer Graphics??? (2008) and ???Intelligent Computer Graphics 2009??? (2009). This volume contains selected extended papers from the last 3IA Conference (3IA??T2010), which has been held in Athens (Greece) in May 2010. This year papers are particularly exciting and concern areas like rendering, viewpoint quality, data visualisation, vision, computational aesthetics, scene understanding, intelligent lighting, declarative modelling, GIS, scene reconstruction and other important themes.

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:41:09 PM | Visits: 30497

3D Game Engine Design, Second Edition: A Practical Approach to Real-Time Computer Graphics: Graphics hardware has evolved enormously in the last decade. Hardware can now be directly controlled
through techniques such as shader programming, which requires an entirely new thought process of a
programmer. 3D Game Engine Design, Second Edition shows step-by-step how to make a shader-based graphics engine and how to tame the new technology. Much new material has been added, including more than twice the coverage of the essential techniques of scene graph management, as well as new methods for managing memory usage in the new generation of game consoles and portable game players. There are expanded discussions of collision detection, collision avoidance, and physics – all challenging subjects for developers.

* Revision of the classic work on game engines – the core of any game.
* Includes Wild Magic, a commercial quality game engine in source code that illustrates how to build a
real-time rendering system from the lowest-level details all the way to a working game.
* Fully revised and updated in 4 colors, including major new content on shader programming, physics,
and memory management for the next generation game consoles and portables.

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:35:22 PM | Visits: 32939

Algorithms and Data Structures: With Applications to Graphics and Geometry: Based on the authors' extensive teaching of algorithms and data structures, this text aims to show a sample of the intellectual demands required by a computer science curriculum, and to present issues and results of lasting value, ideas that will outlive the current generation of computers. Sample exercises, many with solutions, are included throughout the book.

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:34:59 PM | Visits: 31566

Mathematical Optimization in Computer Graphics and Vision: Mathematical optimization is used in nearly all computer graphics applications, from computer vision to animation. This book teaches readers the core set of techniques that every computer graphics professional should understand in order to envision and expand the boundaries of what is possible in their work. Study of this authoritative reference will help readers develop a very powerful tool- the ability to create and decipher mathematical models that can better realize solutions to even the toughest problems confronting computer graphics community today. The authors are renowned researchers from IMPA, the Brazilian National Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics. *Distils down a vast and complex world of info on optimization into one short, self-contained volume especially for computer graphics *Helps CG professionals identify the best technique for solving particular problems quickly, by categorizing the most effective algorithms by application *Keeps readers current by supplementing the focus on key, classic methods with special end-of-chapter sections on cutting-edge developments.

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:34:03 PM | Visits: 31641

Canvas Pocket Reference: Scripted Graphics for HTML5: Canvas Pocket Reference: Scripted Graphics for HTML5 /By David Flanagan. Canvas is clearly the most exciting feature of HTML5's graphics revolution, and this pocket reference provides the essentials you need to put this element to work. If you have a working knowledge of JavaScript, this book will help you create detailed, interactive, and animated graphics from charts to interfaces to video games, whether you're a web designer or a programmer interested in graphics.
* Along with a brief tutorial on the subject, Canvas Pocket Reference puts all of Canvas' features into one convenient place.
* Draw lines, polygons, and curves
* Apply colors, patterns, gradients, and patterns
* Work with text in a graphic environment
* Query game graphics to determine which component is where
* Transform graphics and manipulating pixels

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:32:46 PM | Visits: 31167

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