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Free Machine Language EBooks for Download

Below we have listed all the Free Machine Language EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Machine Language EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Software Library: Simax Video Signmaker is a program for displaying animated advertisements in a store or other public place. It was a commercial program. Picture disks added clip art. Boot Atari with Atari BASIC to use it. Here is the review of Video Signmaker from Antic magzazine.

Date Added: 10/27/2006 | Visits: 30936

Computer Controller Cookbook: Constructing the simple and clearly explained projects in this book can serve as an excellent introduction to the hardware side of computer technology. We believe that you will gain tremendous confidence in your ability to use computers when you realize that the magical box on your desk is a collection of physical parts that do understandable things in the real world

Date Added: 10/27/2006 | Visits: 31349

Artist and Computer: Assumptions about computer art are varied. They range from the naive belief that computers will take the place of human artists to the more sophisticated belief that soon the Leonardo of computer art will come. This person would be scientist, programmer, humanist, and artist—the true universal person. Computer art challenges our traditional beliefs about art: how art is made, who makes it, and what is the role of the artist in society.

Date Added: 10/27/2006 | Visits: 32356

David Ahl's BASIC Computer Adventures: Like most real-world systems, most of the simulations in this book are a combination of well-defined processes and random elements. For example, Amelia Earhart's airplane flies and consumes fuel according to well-defined physical principles. On the other hand, in Southeast Asia in July, she has a 30% chance of running into a torrential rainstorm. If it occurs, the problems she faces will be quite different from those on a sunny day.

Date Added: 10/27/2006 | Visits: 31151

Atari Player-Missile Graphics in BASIC: Surprise! Atari has a secret feature that sets it apart from most other personal computers. It's called Player-Missile Graphics (PMG for short). With PMG you can create all sorts of special graphic effects--effects that would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, with an Apple, IBM, or TRS-80.

Date Added: 10/27/2006 | Visits: 31392

The Epson Connection: Atari XE/XL: This book is for anyone who has an interest in making their Epson printer and Atari work for them. As I stated earlier, most computer systems are underused. If you are a beginning computerist, this book will introduce you to using a computer in ways you never thought possible. If you are a professional computer user, you will probably find suggestions in this book that either you hadn't thought of doing or hadn't had the time to implement. I hope that reading this book will make your life a little easier

Date Added: 10/27/2006 | Visits: 30884

Computer Graphics Primer: This book is about one of the most exciting uses of the new home computer products—computer graphics—the ability to create complex drawings, plans, maps, and schematics on the screen of an ordinary black-and-white or color television.

Date Added: 10/27/2006 | Visits: 30927

Electronic Computer Projects-for Commodore and Atari Personal Computers: This book is a step-by-step guide to building a variety of electronic devices, from the simple to the sophisticated. With complete and concise instructions anyone can follow, and accompanied by detailed photographs and figures, Electronic Computer Projects is the book with which you can teach your Commodore or Atari personal computer valuable new tricks.

Date Added: 10/27/2006 | Visits: 31273

SpeedScript-The Word Processor for Atari Computers: SpeedScript is the most popular program ever published by COMPUTE! Publications. Ever since it first appeared in the January 1984 issue of COMPUTE!'s Gazette, the letters have been pouring in. People wanted to know more about the program and word processing, and they had countless suggestions about how to make SpeedScript better.

Date Added: 10/27/2006 | Visits: 30189

Inside Atari DOS: This book contains the only complete and official listings for the disk File Manager System (FMS) commonly known as “Atari DOS 2.0S.” You will note that we have clearly stated that the purchase of this book does not entitle you to make, sell, give, or otherwise distribute copies of either the original Atari DOS 2.0S or any modified version you may produce as a result of using this book

Date Added: 10/27/2006 | Visits: 32660

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