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Below we have listed all the Free .NET EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any .NET EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Important .NET EBook Categories
Free ASP .Net Ebooks For Download ASP .Net (325)
Free Visual Basic and Ebooks For Download Visual Basic and (192)
Free C#/C-Sharp Ebooks For Download C#/C-Sharp (50)
Free Silverlight Ebooks For Download Silverlight (60)

Brownfield Application Development in .Net: Most software developers have inherited legacy or brownfield projects that require maintenance, incremental improvements, or even cleaning up the mess another programmer left behind.
Brownfield Application Development in .NET shows developers how to approach legacy applications with the state of the art concepts, patterns, and tools developers apply to new projects. Using an existing application as an example, this book guides readers in applying the techniques and best practices they need to make a brownfield application more maintainable and receptive to change.
As the book proceeds, the authors introduce frameworks and tools commonly used today while still approaching the subject from a conceptual level so that you can substitute alternate tools as appropriate. Because the book is based on the authors experiences, Brownfield Application Development in .NET moves beyond the theories and shows readers the techniques they need to be successful.

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.NET Domain-Driven Design with C#: As the first technical book of its kind, this unique resource walks you through the process of building a real world application using Domain Driven Design implemented in C Sharp.
Based on a real application for an existing company, each chapter is broken down into specific modules so that you can identify the problem, decide what solution will provide the best results, and then execute that design to solve the problem. With each chapter, you?ll build a complete project from beginning to end.

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Building Applications with ASP.NET MVC 3: BuildingApplication with ASP.NET MVC 3 is a course designed to get you up andrunning with the MVC framework. The modules in the course will covereverything from setting up a development environment to deploying to alive web site. In between well drill into the details of controller,views, models, AJAX features, and persisting data to SQL Server

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.net: The world's best-selling magazine for web designers and developers .net is the world's best-selling magazine for web designers and developers. Every issue boasts more than 30 pages of tutorials, covering topics such as CSS, PHP, Flash, javascript and web graphics. All written by contributors from some of the worlds biggest and most creative design agencies. Please note: .net magazine is known as Practical Web Design outside of the UK. The content is the same in both magazines.

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Java EE and .NET Interoperability: Evolving Web services standards and technologies offer limited interoperability when it comes to security, management, and other important application characteristics. Successful interoperability solutions require comprehensive integration strategies that go beyond simple connections. The capability to mitigate security and reliability risks and transactional support is critical to interoperability.
Java EE and .NET Interoperability addresses issues encountered during the integration process, such as a diverse technology set, incompatible APIs, and disparate environment maintenance. The experienced authors outline strategies, approaches, and best practices, including messaging, Web services, and integration-related frameworks and patterns. The book also introduces readers to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the building block for scalable and reliable enterprise integration solutions.

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.Net - C++ Beginner Crash Course: This series is a quick and easy way to get started coding inC++. The tutorial was meant to be a 2+ part series, however,only the first series was recorded. This series was createdto help underclassmen get started using C++ before theystarted school in the fall so they could have a head start.Bryan and Kevin take you from Hello World to basic functions.

Date Added: 8/29/2011 4:46:56 AM | Visits: 33141 � New Orleans 2011: Distilled put on a linkbuilding seminar in New Orleans on Friday, March 25th, 2011. This upload contains the slide decks from the presentations:

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ASP.NET and related technologies (ADO.NET, LINQ, Silverlight): Video tutorials on ASP.NET and related technologies (ADO.NET, LINQ, Silverlight)

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Moving From VB6 to Visual Basic 9.0, hitting the scene in late 2007, is a sophisticated and mature programming language. Combined with the latest release of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio, the result is an incredibly powerful programming environment. This mini-course will start the VB6 developer down the path to VB.NET, presenting a variety of topics including tool support, porting options, thinking the "VB.NET-way" vs. the "VB6-way", and some of the major differences of VB.NET and .NET over VB6 and COM. Along the way, we'll see many VB6 and VB.NET coding examples involving GUIs, data access, classes, and OOP.

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Building Web Applications with ADO.NET and XML Web Services: Richard Hundhausen, Steven Borg, Cole Francis, and Kenneth Wilcox have combined their years of expertise in this invaluable resource to teach you how a typical wired business can leverage Web services in B2B commerce. Using a case study, the authors walk you step by step through how to take advantage of new technologies in .NET, such as ADO, ASP, and SOAP, to create XML Web services. They start with a discussion of a Web services provider case study, including the analysis, design, construction, registration, and deployment of the Web service. You�ll then learn about the conceptual design of a system and receive an introduction to Object Role Modeling (ORM). Packed with useful information, the chapters also

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