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3D Max and Graphics EBooks

Free 3D Max and Graphics EBooks for Download

Below we have listed all the Free 3D Max and Graphics EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any 3D Max and Graphics EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Graphics and GUIs with MATLAB: MATLAB�, now the industry-standard engineering language for computation, analysis, and visualization, continues to evolve in its capabilities. Version 6.x incorporated several major improvements, including significant enhancements to its graphics features, such as transparencies, increased 3-D visualization, and an improved rendering engine.The bestselling Graphics and GUIs with MATLAB has been fully revised to reflect MATLAB version 6. The third edition also features a number of improvements in both content and organization that ensure its readers get the optimum level of detail and best possible instruction.New in the Third Edition:"Full updates that reflect MATLAB 6.x enhancements"Expanded discussions on 2-D and 3-D graphics"New chapters on good GUI design and data visualization techniques"Volume visualizations"Updated language commands"Deeper coverage of programming techniques, such as data structures and callback techniques"Exercises in each chapter"Additional examples and updated illustrations Graphics and GUIs with MATLAB, Third Edition retains the comprehensible, almost conversational tutorial style that made its predecessors so popular but offers a streamlined organization and deeper coverage that make this edition an even better way to acquire or increase proficiency in using MATLAB to its fullest graphics capabilities.

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Principles of Computer Graphics: Theory and Practice Using OpenGL and Maya: Although computer graphics games and animations have been popular for more than a decade, recently personal computers evolved to support real-time, realistic-looking interactive games. OpenGL, a technology standard to develop CG applications, has had incredible momentum in both the professional and consumer markets. Once only the domain of production houses, OpenGL has grown to be the standard for graphics programming on all platforms, personal computers, and workstations. Now more than ever, people are eager to learn about what it takes to make such productions, and how they can be a part of them.

PW: misterdanger

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:51:25 PM | Visits: 32869

Computer Graphics Using Java 2D + 3D: Computer Graphics Using Java 2D and 3DThis Java handbook makes a practical tutorial on Java 2D and Java 3D for computer professionals. It contains in-depth coverage of basic computer graphics concepts and techniques, and introduces advanced graphic features to an audience mostly trained in the Java language. Chapter topics include mathematical background for computer graphics, .geometric transformation, views, lighting and texturing, behavior and interaction, and animation. For computer programmers and engineers, data analysts, graphic designers/animators, and game developers.

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:50:54 PM | Visits: 34645

Engineering Graphics for Diploma: This book provides a detailed study of geometrical drawing simple and well explained worked out examples and exercises. This book is designed for students of first year engineering diploma courses, irrespective of their branches of study.

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:50:27 PM | Visits: 32635

Introduction to C++ Programming and Graphics: C++ has grown rapidly in response to the practical need for a programming language that is able to efficiently handle composite and diverse data types. Today, C++ dominates the commercial market and is favored among application developers. Introduction to C++ Programming and Graphics offers a venue for rapidly learning the language by concisely revealing its grammar, syntax and main features, and by explaining the key ideas behind object oriented programming (OOP), with emphasis on scientific computing. The book reviews elemental concepts of computers and computing, describes the primary features of C++, illustrates the use of pointers and user-defined functions, and analyzes the construction of classes.

Distinctive features include: An effective selection and presentation of topics and supporting examples A tutorial on the usage of MATLAB functions in C++ code Tables for translating MATLAB and Fortran 77 into C++ code, illustrating syntactic differences between these languages Chapters on graphics and GUI programming based on the VOGLE library and the GLUT, GLUI and GTK+ utility toolboxes This invaluable resource provides a basic, concise introduction to C++ for the novice, allowing the reader to easily grasp the necessary concepts, rather than trying to absorb an extensive reference book. Scientists, engineers, professionals and students familiar with the general principles of computer programming and proficient in an easy programming language will find this volume an ideal entry point into C++.

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:49:49 PM | Visits: 34829

Foundations of 3D Graphics Programming: Using JOGL and Java3D: This new text/reference is a shortcut to graphics theory and programming using JOGL, a new vehicle of 3D graphics programming in Java.

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:49:00 PM | Visits: 34918

From After Effects to Flash: Poetry in Motion Graphics: As a Flash 8 designer, you have discovered the power of the video tools in the application. The new filters and effects and ActionScript classes allow you to create a variety of stunning visual effects in Flash. What you probably haven't discovered is how easy it is empower your video hundreds of times more by combining the many effects and tools in After Effects 7 Professional with Flash!
This book, the first to explore the potential power and creativity boost that can be unleashed when After Effects and Flash are used together, is designed to get you up to speed with working in these two applications while hitting you with some creative innovation. You will discover how effectively you can use After Effects to create video and animation effects that were either extremely difficult or impossible to achieve in Flash.

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:48:36 PM | Visits: 33979

Data Analysis and Graphics Using R: An Example-Based Approach: From reviews of previous edition: 'The strength of the book is in the extensive examples of practical data analysis with complete examples of the R code necessary to carry out the analyses � I would strongly recommend the book to scientists who have already had a regression or a linear models course and who wish to learn to use R � I give it a strong recommendation to the scientist or data analyst who wishes to have an easy-to-read and an understandable reference on the use of R for practical data analysis.' R News

From reviews of previous edition: 'This book does an excellent job of describing the basics of a variety of statistical tools, both classical and modern, through examples from a wide variety of disciplines � the book's writing style is very readable, with clear explanations and precise introductions of all topics and terminology � the book also provides a wealth of examples from various physical and social sciences, engineering, and medicine that have been effectively chosen to illustrate not only the basics of the statistical methods, but also some of the interesting subtleties of the analyses that may require careful interpretation and discussion � I believe that they have � created a readable book that is rich with clear explanations and illustrative examples of the capability of a diverse set of tools. The packaging of the material with the R language is natural, and the extensive web pages of resources complement the book's usefulness for a road audience of statisticians and practitioners.' Biometrics

From reviews of previous edition: 'This book does an excellent job of describing the basics of a variety of statistical tools, both classical and modern, through examples from a wide variety of disciplines � With its focus on ideas and concepts, rather than an extensive formula-based presentation, the book finds a nice balance between discussing statistical concepts and teaching the basics of the freely-available statistical package R � a readable book that is rich with clear explanations and illustrative examples of the capability of a diverse set of tools. The packaging of the material with the R language is natural, and the extensive web pages of resources complement the book's usefulness for a broad audience of statisticians and practitioners.' Journal of the American Statistical Association

From reviews of previous edition: '... a very useful book that can be recommended for applied statisticians and other scientists who want to use R for data analysis, and as a textbook for an applied statistics course using R.' Journal of Applied Statistics

From reviews of previous edition: '... an excellent intermediate-level text ... Though a bit more terse than Dalgaard's Introductory Statistics with R, Maindonald and Braun's exposition of the R language is nonetheless first rate.' DM Review Online

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:47:58 PM | Visits: 34868

Using R for Data Management, Statistical Analysis, and Graphics: Quick and Easy Access to Key Elements of Documentation
Includes worked examples across a wide variety of applications, tasks, and graphics

Using R for Data Management, Statistical Analysis, and Graphics presents an easy way to learn how to perform an analytical task in R, without having to navigate through the extensive, idiosyncratic, and sometimes unwieldy software documentation and vast number of add-on packages. Organized by short, clear descriptive entries, the book covers many common tasks, such as data management, descriptive summaries, inferential procedures, regression analysis, multivariate methods, and the creation of graphics.

Through the extensive indexing, cross-referencing, and worked examples in this text, users can directly find and implement the material they need. The text includes convenient indices organized by topic and R syntax. Demonstrating the R code in action and facilitating exploration, the authors present example analyses that employ a single data set from the HELP study. They also provide several case studies of more complex applications. Data sets and code are available for download on the book�s website.

Helping to improve your analytical skills, this book lucidly summarizes the aspects of R most often used by statistical analysts. New users of R will find the simple approach easy to understand while more sophisticated users will appreciate the invaluable source of task-oriented information.

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:47:10 PM | Visits: 33933

Graphics with Mathematica: These graphic images are enhanced by introducing a variety of different coloring techniques.Detailed instructions are given for the construction of some interesting 2D and 3D fractals using iterated functions systems as well as the construction of many different types of Julia sets and parameter sets such as the Mandelbrot set.

The mathematics underlying the theory of Iterated function systems and Julia sets is given an intuitive explanation, and references are provided for more detailed study.

· Brilliant Graphic images
· Interesting Introduction to Mathematica for Beginners
· Easy constructions
· A variety of Coloring Techniques
· Programs Easily Adaptable to Many Variations
· Constructions useful for Dynamics and Fractals Courses.

Date Added: 3/4/2011 11:45:41 PM | Visits: 33846

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