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Below we have listed all the Free Body EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Body EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Upper Body: P90X One on One Upper Body X (UBX) is the latest in the MC2 subscription series. Coming in at 60 minutes, it`s not for the faint of heart. Tony does a crazy warm-up, just dancing around like nobody`s watching. He does a bunch of random moves to get the muscles warm. You can follow Tony, jump rope, or do something else. P90X Upper Body X is a tough workout. It goes beyond what you did in P90X. Focus and keep your form. You`ll be fine.

Date Added: 9/22/2011 4:41:23 AM | Visits: 32802

Power Body: Total Core Pilates: Jules will blow your mind and sculpt your body with this powerful workout! TOTAL CORE PILATES combines traditional Pilates techniques with modern aominal exercises, resulting in a full-body routine that will energize you. As a bonus, TOTAL CORE PILATES puts special emphasis on core and hip work. Jules satisfies all levels of exercisers by demonstrating a mid-level of expertise and providing challenges for advanced participants and modifications for easier moves. Her superb cuing guarantees that you will never wonder what s coming next and your movements will flow seamlessly. Grab a mat and get ready for nearly an hour of strengthening, lengthening, and rejuvenation! You will burn calories, firm muscles, and pamper yourself with this innovative and challenging workout.

Date Added: 9/22/2011 4:34:20 AM | Visits: 34337

The Art of Body Language and Physical Escalation: The course has over 5 hours of immediately useful and cutting-edge strategies from the world's top seduction coaches Cajun, Vercetti, and 5.0 (and all masterminded by Mr. M). There are some great in depth explanations and exercises that you can do to change the way you move and act around women for the better. I found that these skills can not only be used in the dating world but also in places of work and leisure to help come across better to people. All the techniques are shown by some of the best pick up artists in the world and these guys definitely know what they are talking about! This really is a life changing product and i would highly recommend it to anyone.

Date Added: 9/22/2011 4:12:40 AM | Visits: 33065

Badass Body Language: How To Have Confident Body Language...

What if you could show killer body language that instantly gets women to notice you?

You're about to discover how to do just that...

Imagine... Knowing how to directly communicate to women and even approach YOU!

Getting her to automatically and unconsciously react to you the way you want...

Being able to READ her body language messages, knowing if she's interested or not...

Avoiding the biggest body language mistakes most men make...

5 simple tweaks to the way you use your body language that FORCE your body to project dominance

Discovering how the "secret code" of physcial attraction works so that you can stop worrying about whether or not you're turning her on - or freaking her out...

Ultra-powerful body language techniques that get you calm, relaxed, and vibing with a women effortlessly...

PLUS: What if I told you it was easier than buying women drinks to "bribe" her into liking you?

Date Added: 9/22/2011 4:11:38 AM | Visits: 34294

Body Wares: Body Wares - Jan 2011

Date Added: 9/22/2011 4:10:55 AM | Visits: 33405

Body Pump 68 - Master Class: Description: Description: BODY PUMP - the most popular fitness program in the world. BODY PUMP - is a holistic system of low-impact workout using a lightweight rod. Thanks BODY PUMP worked out, strength, and tone up the muscles of the body. Training is characterized by a particularly aggressive drive and brings a lot more results and satisfaction than traditional monotone weight lifting. It is suitable for both men and women of all ages. Duration of training 60 min. BODY PUMP-excellent fitness for those who want to create for itself a beautiful muscular relief, but it misses the gym. In addition, BODY PUMP - an ideal form of training for those who do not like the choreography, but prefers to strength training. BODY PUMP - aerobics aimed at correcting the shape and strengthen muscles. The complex includes training exercises with a special mini-boom in the soft shell.

Date Added: 9/22/2011 2:51:46 AM | Visits: 32580

Kundalini Yoga - The Body Electric: Electrifying fitness with celebrity Yoga Teachers Ana Brett and Ravi Singh leading the way! This inspiring all-in-one workout will provide total fitness and inner/outer beauty everyday. The Body Electric focuses on strength, flexibility, athletic endurance, and provides a super body/mind makeover. A great warm-up set is followed by two routines for flexibility and nerve strength (Nerves of Platinum parts 1 & 2), Body Bliss Workout (an amazing Kundalini, on your mat, (not dance) cardio romp featuring exercises ANYONE can do), deep relaxation, mantra chant, plus bonus material (Renew YOU Through & Through), pre-sets, and of course the Matrix Menu option which lets you program your own workout based on the time your have. This workout is for ALL LEVELS. It's fun fitness you will love for life! P.S. the music on this DVD rocks! Transform your body. Beautify your soul!

Date Added: 9/22/2011 2:50:39 AM | Visits: 33504

International School Of Body Art: Jonathon Cherry - Apprenticeship Student - USA Hi, I am Jonathan Cherry, I recently began the International School of Body Art's Tattoo Internship Course. The internship is the most informative and educational class I have ever seen. Any time I need something or have a question someone is always there to lend a hand. Before I started the class I had little knowledge of how much really goes into the tattoo process. I kind of new the basics or so I thought, until I started studying the material. I soon realized there was so much I was missing that I couldn't stop reading and watching the movies. I would suggest this course to everyone going into the tattoo field and recommend they choose this class over any other. I feel so much more confident and informed now. Hopefully you will too.

Date Added: 9/22/2011 2:49:55 AM | Visits: 33367

Body Yoga: Follow Geri, Katy, and Nate through five sections of yoga that will help build your mind, body, and spirit in a program designed for all levels of fitness. Filmed on location in Los Angeles, this program will help you transform your body just like it has helped Geri maintain her physical well-being.

Yoga is non-competitive, and this DVD lets you go at your own pace through two warm-ups, a strength section, bliss, and a relaxation section (chill). Do it all in one session or section by section on any given day, depending on how you feel and what your goal is. Do poses that provide energy and poses that provide relief from everyday stresses.

Date Added: 9/22/2011 2:48:19 AM | Visits: 34635

Desires of the Dead (Body Finder): The missing dead call to Violet. They want to be found.
Violet can sense the echoes of those whove been murdered and the matching imprint that clings to their killers. Only those closest to her know what she is capable of,but when she discovers the body of a young boy she also draws the attention of the FBI, threatening her entire way of life.

Date Added: 9/22/2011 2:46:44 AM | Visits: 34950

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