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Free Careers EBooks for Download

Below we have listed all the Free Careers EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Careers EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Business Plan Success: The best way to show bankers, venture capitalists, and angel investors that you are worthy of financial support is to show them a great business plan. Make sure that your plan is clear, focused and realistic. Then show them that you have the tools, talent and team to make it happen. Your business plan is like your calling card, it will get you in the door where you�ll have to convince investors and loan officers that you can put your plan into action.

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Career Satisfaction From Within by Chris Edgar: This book takes a spiritual approach to creating lasting career satisfaction by helping readers cultivate an inner sense of wholeness. This feeling of completeness helps people transcend the anxieties that prevent them from finding focus and passion in their work. The exercises in the book, which largely involve visualization, meditation and conscious breathing, help readers realize that they are complete and worthwhile beings, no matter what their career situations.

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Kathryn LaRocca, Career Counselor, Resume Writer, and Published Author: With more than 25 years experience in Resume Writing and Job Coaching, Kay LaRocca is a consummate professional at the top of her craft. Ms. LaRocca has the ability to relate to jobseekers at all levels, in all professions. Her unerring intuition in reading between the lines allows her to quickly discover her clients� needs even when they are not able to fully articulate them.

Realizing her enormous success with jobseekers from all professions, and the troubled economy of late, she saw a need to help jobseekers begin and conduct a successful job search campaign in uncertain times. �Secrets to Successful Job Hunting in a Sluggish Economy� has proven job search techniques that have assisted thousands in achieving success in a slow moving job market.

Date Added: 10/28/2010 6:24:52 AM | Visits: 32969

Your Layoff and the Law of Attraction: A �Secrets of the Hidden Job Market�: Been laid off, let go, downsized, fired, right-sized or otherwise unemployed against your will? The key to being successfully re-employed is to use the Law of Attraction the right way.

Since �It is done unto you as you believe,� anything you believe to be true will become your experience. If you believe that no one is hiring, you should expect rejection and interviews are grueling personal interrogations, that�s exactly what you will experience.

On the other hand, if you believe that opportunities are everywhere, people in position of authority want to know you and job interviews are delightful conversations with your brand new colleagues, that�s exactly what you will experience. Either way, you�re right!

By following the strategies in this unique ebook, you can transform yourself from a job seeker into a job finder faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

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Success In The Arts: What it Takes to Make It in Creative Fields: For All Aspiring Artists: Writers, Musicians, Filmmakers, Visual Artists, Dancers, Actors. Learn to answer these essential questions:
. What factors contribute most to success in the arts?
. Do you have enough talent?
. What do you need besides talent?
. What are the myths about creativity?
. What is real creativity and how do you cultivate it?
. How do you get through tough times?
. How do you deal with criticism?
. How do you �get the breaks� in your field?
. What foundation principles don�t change?
. How do you hang on to the important things in life?
. How do you keep from �selling your soul?�
. What if you don�t make it?
. Save years of trial and error
. Avoid the common pitfalls of creative careers
. A mentor in a book

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Advice for Audio Professionals: A free release right from the Professional-Sound Magazine, this Ebook provides tips and tricks for anyone wanting to get their hands into the world of sound. USB or Firewire? Digital or Analog? Get advice from the Professionals in these areas, plus more such as Miking instruments, Digital Recording, Audio Phasing, Amplifiers, how to record guitars and many more. Read thoughts,tips and tricks and suggestions from the people working direct in the field.

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100 Killer Free eBooks to Improve Your Health, Wealth and Happiness: A super and great compilation by Jessica Merritt. No doubt she has put a lot of time and effort into this one. She covered pretty much a very broad range of free ebooks, from health, family, relationships, career, finance to feng shui. Check it out.

Date Added: 10/28/2010 6:20:45 AM | Visits: 32350

Top 100 Free eBooks for Business Students and Entrepreneurs: It�s pretty self explanatory, so I won�t be going into details on these ebooks, but to list down all the major categories within this great list of ebooks. It ranges from:-

1. Basic Business
2. Management
3. E-commerce and Internet Marketing
4. Finance
5. Human Resources
6. Marketing and Advertising
7. International Business
8. Business Law and Ethics
9. Economics
10. Jobs and Career
11. Entrepreneurship
12. Niche Business Ebooks
13. Miscellaneous

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Free Ebooks to Help Grow Your Studio: This is an old post made about a year ago, but the list of free resources / ebooks over at this site is worth mentioning. Some of the titles might have been mentioned here before, so don�t be surprised if you�ve read some of them. Nevertheless, great list and great read. Check it out �

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Free Job Search Ebooks: Alison did a great job in compiling a great list of free resources on free job search, interviewing, networking and various resume topics, as well as job search advice, tips and suggestions.

Date Added: 10/28/2010 6:18:15 AM | Visits: 32600

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