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Below we have listed all the Free Culture EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Culture EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Principles Of Animal Cell Culture (students Compendium) Book: Animal cell culture is playing a pivotal role in the various modern researches. Though the foundation stone of animal cell culture was laid for the isolation and characterization of different viruses but the recent developments in the field of biotechnology and molecular biology have given various new dimensions to this technology. Cell culture has provided a new tool for the better understanding of diagnosis and molecular biology in many areas of biological systems including bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases. The different cell cultures are being used in virology for the last five decades and one of its application has been utilized successfully in various types of vaccine production.

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Toys and American Culture: An Encyclopedia Book: From the origins of favorite playthings to their associations with events and activities, the study of a nation's toys reveals the hopes, goals, values, and priorities of its people. Toys have influenced the science, art, and religion of the United States, and have contributed to the development of business, politics, and medicine. Toys and American Culture: An Encyclopedia documents America's shifting cultural values as they are embedded within and transmitted by the nation's favorite playthings.

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Soil and Culture Book: SOIL: beneath our feet / food and fiber / ashes to ashes, dust to dust / dirt!
Soil has been called the final frontier of environmental research. The critical role of soil in biogeochemical processes is tied to its properties and place�porous, structured, and spatially variable, it serves as a conduit, buffer, and transformer of water, solutes and gases. Yet what is complex, life-giving, and sacred to some, is ordinary, even ugly, to others. This is the enigma that is soil.

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Culture And Self: Philosophical And Religious Perspectives, East And West Book: Traditional scholars of philosophy and religion, both East and West, often place a major emphasis on analyzing the nature of "the self." In recent decades, there has been a renewed interest in analyzing self, but most scholars have not claimed knowledge of an ahistorical, objective, essential self free from all cultural determinants. The contributors to this volume recognize the need to contextualize specific views of self and to analyze such views in terms of the dynamic, dialectical relations between self and culture.

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Sport in the USSR: Physical Culture--Visual Culture Book: The Soviet state sponsored countless programs to promote sporting activities, even constructing a new term, fizkultura, to describe sports culture.
With Sport in the USSR, Mike O�Mahony asserts that the popular image of fizkultura was as dependent on its presentation as it was on its actual practice. Images of vigorous Soviet sportsmen and women were constantly evoked in literature, film, and folk songs; they frequently appeared on the badges and medals of various work associations and even on plates and teapots. Several major artists, in fact, made their careers out of vivid representations of sports.

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Shakespeare's Arguments With History Book: Argument was the basis of Renaissance education; both rhetoric and dialectic permeated early modern humanist culture, including drama. This study approaches Shakespeare's history plays by analyzing the use of argument in the plays and examining the importance of argument in Renaissance culture. Knowles shows how analysis of arguments of speech and action take us to the core of the plays, in which Shakespeare interrogates the nature of political morality and truth as grounded in the history of what men do and say.

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Encyclopedia of Sports in America: A History from Foot Races to Extreme Sports (2 Volume Set) Book: Sports and leisure activities serve as a mirror, allowing us to examine the attitudes and values of everyday people. This new reference explores the development and influence of sports in American culture, as well as how sports icons, commercial enterprises, organizations, sporting events, and even fan culture have changed from decade to decade and from era to era, from the foot races of colonial times to the extreme sports of today.

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Abraham Lincoln in the Post-Heroic Era: History and Memory in Late Twentieth Century America Book: In the 1920s, Abraham Lincoln had overcome the continuing clashes of the Civil War to a secular saint, to the north and south alike honored for his steadfast leadership during the crisis. During the Great Depression and the Second World War, Lincoln called upon countless times as a reminder of America's strength and wisdom of a good ideal was tired, against the citizens see their own hardships in the right perspective.

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The Political Culture of Judaism by Martin Sicker Book: Sicker examines the fundamental issues of the relationship of the individual to society and state, the implications for public policy of the Judaic focus on social justice, and the rabbinic approach to the problems of national security, from the perspective of a distinctive Judaic political culture that emerges from the source documents and traditions of classical Judaism.

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Art, Myth and Ritual: The Path to Political Authority in Ancient China Book: If you are a serious student of Chinese history and culture, you must own, not just read, this book. Its cross-disciplinary perspective makes it a book you will find yourself returning to on a regular basis as your own knowledge and understanding of Chinese history and culture grows. Passages once oblique or of little interest to you previously, will suddenly become the glue of new associations and insights.

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