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Modern Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship : Theory, Process and Practice: CONTENTS
Preface v
1. Decision by Modern Entrepreneur 1
2. Methods for Comparing Investment Alternatives 10
3. Replacement Analysis 32
4. Farm Management 44
5. Pre-Fabricated Irrigation Channels 61
6. Purchasing Methods 74
7. Stores Control 86
8. Credit System 106
9. Kinds of Credit 124
10. Treasury Bill Market 138
11. Office Machines 160
12. Production Control 182
13. Typical Production-control Procedure 203
14. Decision-Making Framework for Export Operation 217
15. Privatisation 225
16. Industrial Sickness 247
17. Service Sector and Modern Entrepreneur 266
18. Commercial Banks 283
19. Insurance 292
20. Warehousing 313
21. Price Discrimination and Modem Entrepreneur 325
22. Leadership in Modem Entrepreneur 352
23. Organisation of Foreign Trade by Modem Entrepreneur 374
24. Import Decisions by Modem Entrepreneur 385
25. Bilateral Trade and Rupee Payment Agreements 398
26. Export Trade 405

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Entrepreneurship and Culture: The book is an innovative compilation of papers that explore the relationship between cultural features and entrepreneurship. The relative stability of differences in entrepreneurial activity across countries suggests that other than economic factors are at play. The contributions to this edited volume deal with the foundations of entrepreneurship and with the effects of different cultural settings on the incidence and success of entrepreneurs. Topics are individual decision making in a cultural context, regional aspects of entrepreneurship, cross-country differences, and the influence of culture on entrepreneurial activity.

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Trump University Entrepreneurship 101: How to Turn Your Idea into a Money Machine, Second Edition: An up-to-date and expanded edition of the Trump guide to starting a business

Although he has ups and downs like every entrepreneur, Donald Trump is one of the world�s most famous entrepreneurs for good reason�he�s one of the best. In Trump University Entrepreneurship 101, Second Edition he teams up with business owner and professor Michael Gordon to show you how to take your dream and turn it into a big-time moneymaker. This new edition is completely updated with timely new material and three new chapters, teaching you how to build a technology venture, even without formal technical education; how to use social networking, Web 2.0, and "cloud computing" to achieve competitive advantages, and how to exploit opportunities during recessionary times.

If you dream of starting your own business, this is the inspiring, comprehensive guide that shows you how to do it from planning to starting up to expansion. It shows you how to mobilize resources, develop a workable strategy, write an effective business plan, raise money, negotiate with investors, and launch your business.

* With a first chapter by Trump
* Author Michael Gordon is the founder of five successful companies and teaches entrepreneurship at a number of colleges, including the Harvard University Extension School, Babson College and The International School of Management in Paris
* Fully revised and updated including new chapters on hot topics in entrepreneurship
* Includes visual models, case studies, downloadable worksheets, pep talks, and stories from Trump himself

If anyone knows how to succeed in business, it's Donald Trump and his team of experts from Trump University. If you are ready for your entrepreneurial adventure, here�s all the help you need.

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Entrepreneurship and Its Economic Significance, Behavior and Effects: Entrepreneurship is the practice of starting new organisations or revitalising mature organisations, particularly new businesses generally in response to identified opportunities. Entrepreneurship is often a difficult undertaking, as a vast majority of new businesses fail. Entrepreneurial activities are substantially different depending on the type of organisation that is being started. Entrepreneurship ranges in scale from solo projects (even involving the entrepreneur only part-time) to major undertakings creating many job opportunities. Many 'high-profile' entrepreneurial ventures seek venture capital or angel funding in order to raise capital to build the business. Angel investors generally seek returns of 20-30 per cent and more extensive involvement in the business. Many kinds of organisations now exist to support would-be entrepreneurs, including specialised government agencies, business incubators, science parks, and some NGOs. This book presents the latest thinking in this vibrant and essential area.

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Social Entrepreneurship For Dummies: Discover how to bring social responsibility to your business

In today's business world, your bottom line isn't measured by your company's financial performance alone. Social Entrepreneurship For Dummies shows you how to implement social responsibility to your business plan in order to increase your bottom line.

This book helps any social entrepreneur gain the necessary skills needed to change the system and spread the solution, while providing explanations of the most successful business tools being used today.

A complete reference on the ideas and processes associated with social entrepreneurship
Provides a foundation and business plan for those looking to create their own socially oriented business venture

Social Entrepreneurship For Dummies gives you the trusted and friendly advice you need to get on your way toward social responsibility!

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Knowledge-Driven Entrepreneurship: The Key to Social and Economic Transformation: The current economic era, characterized by the rapid and global dissemination of information and capital, has been called the �knowledge age,� the �entrepreneurial society,� and the �intangibles economy,� among other labels. Technological and productivity improvements continue to shift the emphasis from the mastery of physical assets (e.g., natural resources, factories) and physical tools (e.g., machines) to that of intangible assets (e.g., education, R&D projects, brands, patents) and socio-cultural tools (e.g., communities of knowledge practice) as the key to a community�s economic prosperity. The purpose of this book is to build a bridge between knowledge and entrepreneurship, which have traditionally been separated by the walls of academic disciplines. Building on the pioneering work of Peter Drucker and William Baumol, the authors explore the intricate relationships among knowledge generation, innovation, new business creation, and the institutions that support them. Demonstrating direct links between the flow and application of knowledge, innovations in products and processes, the development of new enterprises, and generation of economic wealth, the authors strongly argue that these assets must be protected and sustained through national and regional institutions that encourage creativity and experimentation. Employing illustrative examples from around the world, the authors focus on the crucial role of societies to educate and support entrepreneurs and establish the right environment for new business development and rapid conversion of ideas into enterprises that contribute to economic growth and prosperity.

About the Author

Piero Formica is Professor of Economics, and Dean of the International Entrepreneurship Academy, with special focus on knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship, at the Jonkoping International Business School at the J�nk�pking University. He is also Special International Professor of Knowledge Economics and Entrepreneurship, School of Economics and Management � Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Scientific Director of the Higher Education Programmes at COFIMP (the Higher Education Institution of the SMEs in Bologna, Italy), and Visiting Professor of Knowledge Economics and Entrepreneurship at the Jean Monnet Faculty of Political Studies (Second University of Naples). Between 2003 and 2006 he held the Marie Curie Professorship at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Tartu, Estonia. Between 1982 and 2003 he worked as Professor of Economics of Innovation in the Masters of Business Law and Technology Management programs at the University of Bologna, Italy. Professor Piero Formica has over 30 years of experience in the fields of international economics and economics of entrepreneurship and innovation, working with OECD Economic Prospects Division in Paris, academic institutions, large corporations and small companies, governmental bodies, and the European Union. He has published dozens of articles, serves as Editorial Director for the Knowledge Economy Series (EffeElle Editore, Italy), and is co-editor, with Elias Carayannis, of Knowledge Matters: Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Innovation Networks and Knowledge Clusters (Palgrave/MacMillan, 2008).

Thomas Andersson is Professor at the International Entrepreneurship Academy, J�nk�pking University. He has published widely on international economics and industrial organization and has been a visiting fellow at Harvard University, Bank of Japan, Hitotsubashi University, and University of Sao Paulo. Previously, he was Deputy Director for Science, Technology and Industry at the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). He also coordinated the technology part of the OECD Jobs Study, the OECD Growth Study, and a program with the World Bank on building knowledge-based economies. Prior to the OECD, Professor Andersson was Assistant Under-Secretary and Head of the Structural Policy Secretariat in the Swedish Ministry of Industry and Commerce and director of the international research program of the Industrial Institute for Economic and Social Research in Stockholm (IUI). He has been Senior Advisor to the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA) and main secretary of the Ministers of Finance project on the Nordic countries and the New Economy. He has served on the International Advisory Board of Ume� School of Business and Economics and on the International Advisory Board of World Knowledge Forum, Korea. He is also President of the board for the International Organisation for Knowledge Economy and Enterprise Development (IKED) and Chairman of the International Steering Group of the Global Trust Center (GTC). He serves on the board of Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (SPIDER) and is a member of the Steering Committee of the Global Forum, the International Advisory Committee of the Competitiveness Institute, and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).

Martin Curley is Senior Principal Engineer and Global Director of IT Innovation and Research at Intel Corporation. Previously, he held a number of IT Management positions for Intel, including Director of IT Strategy and Technology based in Sacramento, California, and Fab14 Automation Manager based in Dublin, Ireland. He has also held IT engineering and management positions at General Electric in Ireland and Philips in the Netherlands. Curley has a degree in Electronic Engineering and a Masters in Business Studies from University College Dublin, Ireland, and is author of Managing Information Technology for Business Value (Intel Press, 2004). He is also an Adjunct Professor at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, and the National College of Ireland. He was a visiting scholar at MIT Sloan Centre for Information Systems Research in 2005 and 2006.

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Stanford University � European Entrepreneurship and Innovation Seminar: This weekly speaker series presents industry leaders from United States And Europe hitech startup, venture finance, corporate and university research and technology commercialization communities to share their insights and experiences with aspiring and veteran entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley.
This course will be of interest to students working in US corporations with European subsidiaries; in European corporations here in the US; in venture-backed technology startups out of Europe; or in VC firms that invest in Europe, who wish a deeper understanding of the differences between the European and US/Silicon Valley innovation systems. It is the only course at Stanford, or in Silicon Valley for that matter, that addresses the complete European innovation ecosystem��from Ireland to Russia; Scandinavia to the Mediterranean��from a strategic perspective, from the entrepreneurs all the way to the VCs, corporations and unversity research laboratories and tech transfer offices.

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Pioneers in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research: Around the world there is an increasing interest in issues of small business and entrepreneurship. In a time with a lot of myths and opinions of the role of entrepreneurs and small business it is vital for a book like this to encapsulate the knowledge that can be gained from the most significant research contributions in the field. Such knowledge is often build upon empirical oriented methods providing policy relevant results for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management has been completely revised and will give students the information and decision-making skills necessary to start a small business and make it grow. It also benefits students who don't start or run their own businesses. It gives employees a look at the business arena and helps all students understand their roles as consumers. There is special emphasis on developing a Business Plan.

With our economy's recent flood of outsourcing and corporate crashes is small business the wave of the future? Across the world, people are looking to entrepreneurship as a force that can close the gap between poverty and prosperity. Study the nuts and bolts of being your own boss to mine the lessons of self-made failures and successes


1. The Perils of Success
2. The Lessons of Failure
3. Learning When to Pull the Plug
4. Nuts & Bolts: Small Time Capital
5. The Challenges of Being a Boss
6. Outsourcing R&D: Chasing Innovation
7. Tips from Entrepreneurship Expert Patti Greene
8. A Grand Entrepreneurial Dream
9. Why U.S. Leads Entrepreneurial Pack
10. BYO Business School
11. What's an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?
12. Entrepreneurial Revival in the Great Plains
13. Native American Entrepreneurship Growing
14. Plusses and Pitfalls of Franchising
15. An Entrepreneurial Vision from Ghana
16. When Spouses Work Together
17. Cybercrime Entrepreneurs
18. Small Business and Health Insurance

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Transgenerational Entrepreneurship: Introducing a new concept in family businesses Transgenerational Entrepreneurship addresses how these businesses achieve growth and longevity through entrepreneurial activities. It focuses on the resources, capabilities and mindsets that families develop and draw upon in order to be entrepreneurial across generations, and presents findings from an international research collaboration between family business researchers and practitioners.

In addition to a comprehensive conceptual chapter, the editors include a unique set of empirical case-based research papers that investigates transgenerational entrepreneurship in different European contexts. They bring together and integrate frontier research on entrepreneurship and family business, as well as pre a basis for future research.

Academics, teachers and students in business and management, entrepreneurship and family business will find this path-breaking book of value, as will libraries, policy makers and consultants.

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