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Golf Guides: Master your golf swing, putting & more

EBook NameGolf Guides: Master your golf swing, putting & more
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EBook Description: Ever wonder how some golfers get so good? It’s easy once you learn some of the “insider” tricks like how to add 100 yards to your golf swing consistently. Master putting, short game, & the secrets that golf pros use to dominate the competition on the course. These ebooks covers a variety of killer golf tips including multiple methods of improving your golf swing mechanics, how to refine your short game, and how to become a master golfer in as short a time as as possible. This system works for anyone looking to improve their golf game quickly & easily.

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Sports (New Discovering Careers for Your Future) Book

Publisher: Ferguson Publishing Company | ISBN: 081608047X | edition 2010 | PDF | 125 pages | 10,7 mb
You may not have decided yet what you want to be in the future. And you don’t have to decide right away. You do know that right now you are interested in sports and athletics. Do any of the statements below describe you? If so, you may want to begin thinking about what a career in sports might mean for you.

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The Student Athlete's College Recruitment Guide Book

Ferguson Publishing Company | English | 2009-05-30 | ISBN: 0816076626 | 280 pages | PDF | 2 MB
This work offers the real scoop for students interested in playing college sports. Many high school athletes dream of playing college sports. While student athletes are usually dazzled by stories of individual and team triumphs, the harder truths of transfers, disillusionments, and injuries often go untold. "The Student-Athlete's College Recruitment Guide" explores this behind-the-scenes information, giving students and their families an insightful look at the world of college athletics. This in-depth resource examines the many aspects of the college athletic recruitment process, including what to look for when choosing a program to best fit a student's abilities and needs, both athletically and academically.Expert interviews with top coaches reveal what they believe student athletes need to 'make it' in this ultracompetitive realm and how to avoid the common pitfalls that can hinder a student athlete's performance. This new book is a valuable tool for high school students navigating the recruiting process.

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The Hunt in Ancient Greece Book

Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press | 2002 | ISBN 0801866561 | PDF | 312 pages | 11.5 MB
Hunting and its imagery continued to play a significant role in archaic and classical Greece long after it had ceased being a necessity for survival in everyday life. Drawing on vase paintings, sculpture, inscriptions, and other literary evidence, Judith Barringer reexamines the theme of the hunt and shows how the tradition it depicts helped maintain the dominance of the ruling social groups.
Along with athletics and battle, hunting was a defining activity of the masculine aristocracy and was crucial to the efforts of the Athenian elite to control the social agenda, even as their political power declined. The Hunt in Ancient Greece examines descriptions of hunting in initiation rituals as well as the ideals of masculinity and adulthood such rites of passage promoted. Barringer argues that depictions of the hunt in literature and art also served as striking metaphors for the intricacies of courtship, shedding light on sexuality and gender roles. Through an exploration of various representations of the hunt, Barringer provides extraordinary insight into Athenian society.

Sports Nutrition, An Issue of Clinics in Sports Medicine Book

Publisher: Saunders | ISBN: 1416042962 | 2007-02-15 | PDF | 135 pages | 1.7 Mb
Any nutritionist knows that food is fuel when it comes to sports. Guest Editor Leslie J. Bonci, M.P.H., R.D., takes pride in her issue on Sports Nutrition. Shes the director of sports medicine nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the author of the American Dietetic Association Guide to Better Digestion and she serves as a nutrition consultant for Pitts department of athletics, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds and Toronto Blue Jays. In addition, she is the company nutritionist for the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. This issue is all about fuel for performance, whether youre a weekend warrior, more advanced or just want to be more informed about Sports Nutrition. Check out the article on hydration a hot topic these days it covers hyponatremia and core temperature. Master athletes will find the articles on nutritional needs and joint inflammation invaluable. High school and college coaches will love the update article on the female triad. Other interesting articles include athletes and body composition and protein requirements for athletes.

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International Cases in the Business of Sport Book

Butterworth-Heinemann | 2007 | ISBN: 0750685433 | 488 pages | PDF | 2,3 MB
As the position of sport management in the higher education curriculum becomes stronger by the year, the numbers of students and staff who are teaching and learning on sport management related modules is growing exponentially. International Cases in the Business of Sport focuses specifically on the analysis of high profile cases studies within the management of sport businesses and offers an innovative teaching solution to a market which has been poorly served until now.
Edited by two leading figures in the field, the text provides:
- a fantastic range of global sports cases authored by renowned experts in the field
- cutting edge analysis and comprehensive diagnosis of major international professional sport business cases
- a clear and structured presentation and examination of key issues within each case
- a strong blend of academic and practitioner analysis and commentary
- an informative and comprehensive resource for those seeking a better understanding of developments in commercial sport
International Cases in the Business of Sport is a truly international text examining sports from a global perspective and including case studies on: football, rugby, baseball, athletics, cricket, motor sports and sailing.

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Jonah Lehrer, How We Decide Book

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt | 2009 | ISBN: 0618620117 | 320 pages | siPDF | 3.9 MB
The first book to use the unexpected discoveries of neuroscience to help us make the best decisions.
Since Plato, philosophers have described the decision-making process as either rational or emotional: we carefully deliberate, or we blink and go with our gut. But as scientists break open the mind's black box with the latest tools of neuroscience, they're discovering that this is not how the mind works. Our best decisions are a finely tuned blend of both feeling and reason and the precise mix depends on the situation. When buying a house, for example, it's best to let our unconscious mull over the many variables. But when we're picking a stock, intuition often leads us astray. The trick is to determine when to use the different parts of the brain, and to do this, we need to think harder (and smarter) about how we think.
Jonah Lehrer arms us with the tools we need, drawing on cutting-edge research as well as the real-world experiences of a wide range of deciders from airplane pilots and hedge fund investors to serial killers and poker players.

Injuries in Athletics: Causes and Consequences

Over the past decade, the scientific information on psychology of injury has increased considerably. Despite dramatic advances in physical education of coaches, field of medicine, athletic training, and physical therapy, the sport-related traumatic injuries is our major concern.

Athletic injuries, both single and multiple, have a tendency to grow dramatically. Accordingly, prevention of sport-related injuries is a major challenge facing the sport medicine world today. The purpose of this book is to accumulate the latest development in psychological analyses, evaluation, and management of sport-related injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. No two traumatic injuries are alike in mechanism, symptoms, or symptoms resolution. There is still no agreement upon psychological diagnosis and there is no known comprehensive treatment for sport-related injuries for regaining pre-injury status. Physical symptoms resolution is not an indication of "psychological trauma" resolution.

Athletic Footwear and Orthoses in Sports Medicine

Athletic Footwear and Orthoses in Sports Medicine
Springer | 2010-05-14 | ISBN: 0387764151 | 400 pages | File type: PDF | 6 mb
This concise manual is for sports medicine specialists who want to effectively prescribe footwear and orthotics for the athlete. The book provides a logical approach designed to maximize performance and minimize injury. Introductory chapters address the fundamentals, including athletic foot types, basic biomechanics, and gait evaluation. The reader is then guided step-by-step through the assessment and prescription of shoes, inserts, and orthotics. Socks and lacing are addressed as well. The text is complete with coverage of new technologies and a wealth of sports-specific recommendations. Evidence-based medicine is incorporated where relevant to demonstrate the correlation between recommendations and outcomes. Referral and coding and billing are also noted. In addition, a full complement of photographs and drawings clearly illustrates key concepts. By presenting essential information in a convenient and easily accessible format, this book will prove to be invaluable for sports medicine physicians, podiatrists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and other specialists when making footwear recommendations for athletes.

The Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine Book

oday Americans participate in sports more than ever before, and with increased activity follows an increased chance of injury. Now more than ever, sports medicine is relevant not only to college and professional athletes, but also to parents, amateur athletes, and seniors maintaining a fitness regime. Common to all these people is the desire to improve athletic performance and prevent injuries, or properly treat them when they occur. "The A to Z of Sports Medicine" delivers more than 150 in-depth entries. Using everyday language, basic descriptions of sports medicine terms introduce the reader to many important topics and provide an at-home reference to supplement the information received from sports medicine professionals. Entries on individual sports detail their most common injuries and how to prevent them. Appendixes provide listings of useful resources and organizations. Other features include safety tips by sport, nutrition information by sport, common injuries by body part or area, and five commonly misdiagnosed sports injuries.

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Introduction to Sports Medicine and Athletic Training

INTRODUCTION TO SPORTS MEDICINE & ATHLETIC TRAINING 2E is ideal for individuals interested in athletics and the medical needs of athletes and is the first full-concept book around which an entire course can be created. This book covers Sports Medicine, Athletic Training and Anatomy and Physiology in an easy to understand format that allows the reader to grasp functional concepts of the human boday and then apply this knowledge to Sports Medicine and Athletic Training. Comprehensive chapters on nutrition, sports psychology, kinesiology and therapeutic modalities are also included. Readers will appreciate both the depth of the material covered and the ease in which it is presented.

Golf Guides: Master your golf swing, putting & more - Free eBook Golf Guides: Master your golf swing, putting & more - Download ebook Golf Guides: Master your golf swing, putting & more free

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