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Below we have listed all the Free Literature EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Literature EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Churchsteeple text: Jim Cantrell is a disillusioned language teacher in Spain . Not only is he beginning to feel some guilt regarding his having returned to Europe after his grandparents had ventured away to claim the New World for themselves and their progeny, but the conditions in which he finds himself are personally and pedagogically demoralizing. Will he ever be able to make any sense of the factors which seem to have co-opted his very existence? Or are the people and events in his life merely to be thought of as characters and interludes in a theatre play, to be enjoyed for the little they might be able to afford and expectant of the next? Varying degrees of stream-of-consciousness prose, at times threatening to yield to the completely lucid, make this as much a conceptual challenge as an enjoyable distraction.

Date Added: 10/8/2010 6:50:12 AM | Visits: 33632

Independent Living For The Blind: Educators, advocates and parents of blind children will gain informative methods and techniques from Independent Living for the Blind. Although informative, these techniques are not for everyone, but the information is valuable for people who wish to understand places and foundations that should be created to ensure people with a visual impairment can live a happy, independent life with family and friends in their communities.

Date Added: 10/8/2010 6:28:07 AM | Visits: 33738

A Cry To Remember: A Cry to Remember is a psychological thriller that will leave readers asking the question, �what happened?? It takes the old fashioned �who done it�? to a level that is new and thrilling to the mystery readers in everyone. Unlike other mystery stories however, A Cry to Remember raises the sociological question concerning society�s treatment measures and views about mental illness, trama and memory loss.

Date Added: 10/8/2010 6:24:51 AM | Visits: 32196

The Roman and the Runaway: Having a good family friend as your headmaster might sound ideal, but Luke Brownlow soon finds that it just makes his life even more complicated...

Date Added: 10/8/2010 5:55:47 AM | Visits: 34189

Tyrants of Self-Concept: Ruling the Rulers: This book�s purpose is to demonstrate that the mass of men and women do not have to spend their lives limited by the critical voices of mental spectators-those little tyrants rattling around inside their heads, telling them second by second how to fight their battles, what they can and cannot do, what they must and must not do. TYRANTS OF SELF CONCEPT: RULING THE RULERS, exposes gender-loaded beliefs and other social fallacies for what they are-truisms-and informs, then challenges readers to discover how the truisms influence their self-concepts, the totality of their thoughts and feelings about themselves. Readers learn how their mental spectators have become internalized through socialization. Importantly, readers discover the adaptive and beneficial processes of examining the formation of beliefs that lead to negative self- concepts.

Date Added: 10/8/2010 4:44:01 AM | Visits: 34399

Freak City: It�s hard to control your destiny while you�re waiting for the bus. The trouble for Argus Kirkham began when a stranger pushed his way through a crowd at a bus stop and pressed a package into his hands. Inside the package were various random items . As Argus and his friends unraveled the clues, very strange things began to occur in this story of mystery and ghosts

Date Added: 10/8/2010 4:24:50 AM | Visits: 33460

The First Lost Tale of Mercia: Golde the Mother: The Lost Tales of Mercia� are ten short stories set in England near the end of the Viking Age, releasing every other Tuesday. Though fictional, they are heavily researched and feature many real historical figures as described in the ancient texts of the �Anglo-Saxon Chronicles.� They are intended to portray what might have and could have happened. These quick reads will entertain and educate at the same time. Read the stories in any order; though interconnected, they do not follow each other chronologically, and each tale stands alone.

The First Lost Tale, �Golde the Mother,� is about the mother of Eadric Streona. It sheds light on Eadric�s strange childhood, and raises the question of who fathered the boy who would become notorious as one of the most treacherous men in England.

Date Added: 10/8/2010 4:23:17 AM | Visits: 32023

Powerful Presentations: 10 Steps from Presentation to Performance: Delivering a presentation may get your message across, but delivering a performance can entertain, educate, inspire and get you noticed. �Powerful Presentations: 10 Steps from Presentation to Performance� aligns time-tested theatrical best practices, celebrity anecdotes and things a six-year-old knows (which you don�t) with tips and tricks to improve the quality of otherwise lackluster presentations. Face it, your audience�s attention span is less than seven minutes long � so you need all the help you can get.

Date Added: 10/8/2010 4:14:23 AM | Visits: 32821

The Writing Book: The Writing Book by award-winning writer, Gurmeet Mattu, consists of two sections. The first is a collection of essays with his thoughts on various aspects of writing. These include �Seducing The Muse�, �Writing A Comedy Screenplay� and �Dialogue, Sounds Good�. They are intended to entertain as well as being informative and will also appeal to non-writers. With the second section Mattu, who is a qualified coach, offers a Complete Creative Writing Course with 15 Modules covering every aspect of writing fiction. Aimed at the novice these include dialogue, plotting, structure, description and much more. Mattu�s contention is that writers require confidence to progress and there are Exercises and Tasks to build this.

Date Added: 10/8/2010 4:11:07 AM | Visits: 33489

On Broken Wings: You're a young woman with no memory of your past. You've been made a sexual slave by a gang of vicious bikers. After ten years' agony, you've freed yourself by committing murder and earning a faceful of scars. But the biker king is obsessed with you. Your sole chance of escaping him lies in trusting a mysterious young man you've just met. Do you choose the devil you know, or the devil you don't?

Date Added: 10/8/2010 3:29:55 AM | Visits: 31829

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