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Below we have listed all the Free Mythology EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Mythology EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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The Concise Dictionary of Classical Mythology Book: Blackwell | 1990 | ISBN: 0631166963 | siPDF | 456 pages | 9 MB
"The Concise Dictionary of Classical Mythology" is a distillation into brief form of the single source dictionary of ancient Greek and Roman myths and legends. In keeping with Grimal's original dictionary, first published in 1951 in France the concise version covers virtually all major characters, and eight genaeological tables present the principal complex relationships between gods and men. The entries concentrate on principal versions of each legend, and only the most significant variations are covered, in order to focus on the common core of classical literature. Brief definitions are cross referenced to short accounts of the main legends.
From Library Journal
This volume, following closely on the heels of its progenitor, Grimal's Dictionary of Classical Mythology ( LJ 2/1/86), remains a great reference tool. Entries are shortened by concentrating on the principal version of the myth and omitting minor variants. The publisher's note states that the price of the Dictionary "tended to put it beyond the reach of the lay-reader," and indeed the earlier Dictionary , currently selling at $54.95, is more expensive. This volume will suffice for most libraries.
mediafire torrent

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Religions (Eyewitness Companions) Book: Publisher: DK ADULT 2008-08-04 | 352 Pages | ISBN: 0756633486 | PDF | 61 MB
This coherent introduction to the diverse religious traditions that exist today- belief systems that provide expressions of holiness and ways to comprehend the divine for billions of people around the world-will explain the beliefs of the family down the street as well as the cultures halfway around the world. AUTHOR BIO: Philip Wilkinson has more than 50 titles to his credit in the fields of history, religion, mythology, and the arts, including DK's Illustrated Dictionary of Religion, Eyewitness Companion: Mythology, and A Celebration of Customs and Rituals of the World, which was endorsed by the United Nations.

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The Everything Classical Mythology Book: Greek and Roman Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, and Monsters from Ares to Zeus (Repost) Book: Adams Media | 2002 | ISBN: 158062653X | siPDF | 304 pages | 5.2 MB
Entertaining and educational, The Everything Classical Mythology Book is a superb introduction to ancient Greek and Roman mythology. For those of us who cannot recount the twelve labours of Hercules, how Odysseus tricked the Trojans, why the phrase "Achilles Heel' was first coined, or how Medusa was slain, this comprehensive volume will provide answers to these and hundreds more enquiries.
1 The Myth and Its Function
2 Sources of Classical Mythology
3 Creation: A Chaotic Theory
4 The Children of Mother Earth
5 Introducing the Olympians
6 A Marriage Made in the Heavens
7 Sovereign of the Sea
8 The Dark Prince
9 Home Is Where the Heart Is
10 The Art of War
11 The Peaceful Warrior
12 The Thrill of the Hunt
13 The Master Marksman
14 Swift as the Wind
15 Adultery Abounds
16 The Lord of Libation
17 The Lesser Gods
18 Monster Madness
19 A Hero's Tale
20 The Trojan War
21 When in Rome...
22 Thank the Gods and Goddesses!
Appendix A: Cast of Characters
Appendix B: Resources

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Cassell's Dictionary of Classical Mythology (Cassell Reference) (Repost) Book: Cassell | October 2001 | ISBN: 030435788X | siPDF | 831 pages | 14.3 MB
An award winner by an expert on ancient Greek culture! Gods and goddesses, personalities and places, history and archeology: this fascinating and superbly authoritative work taps into the richest veins of the classical world--its mythology. It covers all the principal stories, characters (divine, human, and animal), sacred sites, and important events that shaped past civilizations...and our own. Extensive quotations from the original sources and over 100 illustrations enliven more than 400 articles.

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The Facts on File Encyclopedia of World Mythology and Legend Book: Facts on File | 2009 | ISBN: 0816073112 | 1241 pages | PDF | 37,1 MB
"The Facts On File Encyclopedia of World Mythology and Legend, Third Edition" is a complete revision that pres an even more extensive survey of myths, legends, and folklore from around the world. With assistance from a team of scholars, James R. Dow has revised and updated the entire text in this comprehensive resource. This new edition boasts approximately 3,000 entries, 150 of which are new; a substantially updated bibliography; an overhauled art program, with hundreds of new images; and, a new guide to Internet sources on world mythology and legend. Entries include important scholarly terms, figures important in folklore and mythology, the historical figures that have inspired myths and folklore, and the authors who wrote down folktales or used folklore and mythology extensively in their work. Many new entries focus on the mythology and folklore of Cambodia, Tibet, Ukraine, and other areas.

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Mythology Of Greece And Rome: by Bianchi, G. H.
in category History/Roman History

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Bulfinch's Mythology The Age Of Fable: by Hale, E. E.
in category Fiction/General

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Bulfinch's Mythology: by Bulfinch, Thomas
in category Literature/Classics

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Myths and Legends of the Bantu: BANTU is now the generally accepted name for those natives of South Africa (the great majority) who are neither Hottentots nor Bushmen-that is to say, mainly, the Zulus, Xosas (Kafirs), Basuto, and Bechuana -to whom may be added the Thongas (Shangaans) of the Delagoa Bay region and the people of Southern Rhodesia, commonly, though incorrectly, called Mashona.

Abantu is the Zulu word for 'people' (in Sesuto batho, and in Herero ovandu) which was adopted by Bleek, at the suggestion of Sir George Grey, as the name for the great family of languages now known to cover practically the whole southern half of Africa. It had already been ascertained, by more than one scholar, that there was a remarkable resemblance between the speech of these South African peoples and that of the Congo natives on the one hand and of the Mozambique natives on the other. It was left for Bleek-who spent the last twenty years of his life at the Cape-to study these languages from a scientific point of view and systematize what was already known about them. His Comparative Grammar of South African Languages, though left unfinished when he died, in 1875, is the foundation of all later work done in this subject.

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The Book of Nature Myths: PART I. THE GREAT FIRE-MOUNTAIN.

LONG, long ago, when the earth was very young, two hunters were traveling through the forest. They had been on the track of a deer for many days, and they were now far away from the village where they lived. The sun went down and night came on. It was dark and gloomy, but over in the western sky there came a bright light.

"It is the moon," said one.

"No," said the other. "We have watched many and many a night to see the great, round moon rise above the trees. That is not the moon. Is it the northern lights?"

"No, the northern lights are not like this, and it is not a comet. What can it be?"

It is no wonder that the hunters were afraid, for the flames flared red over the sky like a wigwam on fire. Thick, blue smoke floated above the flames and hid the shining stars.

"Do the flames and smoke come from the wigwam of the Great Spirit?" asked one.

"I fear that he is angry with his children, and that the flames are his fiery war-clubs," whispered the other. No sleep came to their eyes. All night long they watched and wondered, and waited in terror for the morning.

When morning came, the two hunters

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