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Free Puzzles EBooks for Download

Below we have listed all the Free Puzzles EBooks for download. Feel free to comment on any Puzzles EBooks for download or answer by the comment feature available on the page.
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Mathematical Fun, Games and Puzzles: Jack Frohlichstein, "Mathematical Fun, Games and Puzzles"
Dover Publications | 1962 | ISBN: 0486207897, 084462103X | 306 pages | Djvu
Following the content of the standard school curriculum, this book presents in 418 problems and diversions the basic ideas of arithmetic.

Averages, fractions, decimals, percent, powers and roots, etc. Shortcuts, checking methods, also introduced in this enjoyable format. 120


Summary: Outstanding book
Rating: 5

This is an outstanding book that I have used in my classes for years and years. It has a wealth of material that is of a quality far above

the usual compendiums of games that you usually see. Great games, challenges, tricks, etc. that you will love using with your students, and

the range is from early grades on up to at least junior high and sometimes beyond.

Great stuff. While you're at it, buy an extra copy or two for your colleagues; this is one book you're going to love and use often.

Read more: Mathematical Fun, Games and Puzzles -

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6400 Sudoku Puzzles with solutions: 6400 Sudoku Puzzles with solutions

Date Added: 10/29/2010 7:07:28 AM | Visits: 33825

IQ Puzzles: This will keep you going,
Try some of these out,
I have included some for you.. and the book does contain the solutions

Date Added: 10/29/2010 7:06:09 AM | Visits: 32369

Huge Book of Puzzles: Hours of fun to fascinate all who love a huge challenge. Quick crosswords, crossword pairs, same and opposite crosswords, �clueless� crosswords, spinners, word searches, �spot the difference� puzzles, and all kinds of word and logic puzzles, are here combined together to excite your imagination and test your powers of deduction.

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Who Betrays Elizabeth Bennet? Further Puzzles in Classic Fiction (World's Classics) Book: Oxford University Press | 1999 | ISBN: 0192838849 | siPDF | 272 pages | 4.5 MB
In this sequel to his popular works Is Heathcliff a Murderer? and Can Jane Eyre Be Happy?, John Sutherland unravels thirty-four new literary puzzles, once again combining erudition with bold investigative speculation. In addition to these new conundrums, Professor Sutherland revisits some previous puzzles with the help of readers who offer their own ingenious solutions and who set fresh puzzles for exploration. Victorian drug habits, railway systems, sanitation and dentistry are only a few of the details that shed light on the motives and circumstances of some of literature's most famous characters. Elizabeth Bennet, Betsey Trotwood, Count Dracula, Anna Karenina, Alice and many more come under the spotlight in John Sutherland's highly entertaining collection. Bringing good humor and good sense back to literary criticism, Who Betrays Elizabeth Bennet? offers scintillating forensic exercises that are as compelling as the plots they dissect.

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My Best Puzzles in Logic and Reasoning Book: Dover Publications | 1961 | ISBN: 0486201198 | 107 pages | Djvu | 1,1 MB
To solve these 100 puzzles, the only things required are an unclouded mind, nerves of steel, and a grasp of such sentences as: "No animal that does not prefer Beethoven to Mozart ever takes a taxi in Bond Street."

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World's Hardest Puzzles Book: Publisher: ORIENT PAPERBACKS | 1996 | English | ISBN: 8122201652 | PDF | 130 Pages | 8.06 MB
�If you can match minds with the greatest brains, then you have a chance of solving these puzzles. Try this one right now:
"A word 1 know.
Six letters it contains;
Subtract just one
And twelve, you'll find, remains."
If you can prove that six minus one equals twelve, you win the prize for smart thinking!
If you miss it, or any others in this book, all the answers are in the back. Great cartoons and illustrations will help and entertain, while your brain gets to work on these topnotch, tricky challenges.
More than 90 of the world's hardest puzzles
start with super-hard puzzles and move up to out-of-this-world hard. You'll love every one!�

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Joe Celko's SQL Puzzles and Answers, 2 Edition Book: Morgan Kaufmann | 2006 | ISBN: 0123735963 | 352 Pages | PDF | 4,1 MB
In this complete revision and expansion of his first SQL Puzzles book, Joe Celko challenges you with his trickiest puzzlesand then helps solve them with a variety of solutions and explanations. Joe demonstrates the thought processes that are involved in attacking a problem from an SQL perspective to help advanced database programmers solve the puzzles you frequently face. These techniques not only help with the puzzle at hand, but help develop the mindset needed to solve the many difficult SQL puzzles you face every day. Of course, part of the fun is to see whether or not you can write better solutions than Joes.

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More math puzzles and games Book: Walker | 1978 | ISBN: 0802705618, 0802771149, 0802772293 | 122 pages | Djvu | 1 MB
A collection of old and new brain teasers, tricks, puzzles, games of logic, and recreations.
Table of Contents:
Introduction v
1. Flat and Solid Shapes 1
2. Routes, Knots, and Topology 17
3. Vanishing-Line and Vanishing-Square Puzzles 33
4. Match Puzzles 41
5. Coin and Shunting Problems 49
6. Reasoning and Logical Problems 56
7. Mathematical Games 66
Answers 88

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Puzzles From Around The World: by Lagarias, J.C.
in category Science & Technology/Mathematics

Date Added: 10/29/2010 6:47:42 AM | Visits: 33198

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